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Only people who have met people via Internet - EHarmony? Please tips on internet dating. How do you stay saf?

Please, tell me your experience successful or unsuccessful - Dating via Internet..E Harmony, other dating websites, etc. I never did this before. My friends encouraged me to try internet dating. I have had one bad relationship after the other. I do not want to pick the same kind of men. However, I do not want to place myself into an unsafe zone. How do you stay safe? Please need tips. I am a very attractive female. The picture I posted is very modest. I did not want to reveal my body...the picture was tasteful. At least, it left something to the imagination of the guys viewing. Unlike the other pictures of the females whom showed everything they possibly could. Please, post tips on how to date via internet safely.

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    1 decade ago
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    Don't give out private information too easily and remember to create and anonymous email to use for talking. Do talk to the guy for a while so that you can get a "feel" from him. If you see red flags or your gut feeling says something is wrong then don't go further. Also look his name as well as his screen name up in Google and at it can tell something about him.

    Check the facts. There are 101 ways to fool people online and as a new user you're not used to dealing with them all. Is he really the age he says, does he really live in the town he claims is he really single? I've heard that the majority of all people on dating sites is married and looking for something on the side. (Not confirmed though.) A friend talked to "Mr perfect" for several months he sent her photos and she talked to his "friends". Then she flew to the US to meet him and he couldn't be found. Another friend talked to the perfect woman and when he went to visit her in Canada he found that he was staying with her and ... her husband that she had forgotten to mention.

    Be honest and polite, it works in the long run.

    When moving on to phone calls start with either voice IM or Skype so that you don't have to give out your own number. Remember that there is such a thing as caller ID.

    When meeting a guy in person meet in a public place and wait for a second or third date until you go somewhere more private (not totally private though).

    Most of all trust your instincts and don't let any sweet talker talk you into ignoring your gut feelings.

    There are several sites that have lists about things to remember here are some:

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