How long after a tongue piercing can I change the bar as often as I like?

I had my tongue pierced yesterday (no lectures, comments about that thanks, I'm 30 and know my own mind!!) The piercist told me to come back in 3 weeks to have the long "beginner bar" changed for a shorter bar.

Will I be able to change my bar when I like after those 3 weeks, or is there an additional amount of time after that I need to wait?

Also, how do you know which length and gauge bar you will need?

I know I can ask my piercist all this in 3 weeks but I am very impatient lol!

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    No. Your initial bar must be changed because it will be too long by the time the swelling goes down, but the piercing will still be too new to change whenever you'd like.

    You must let it heal completely before you change it, at least 3 months. A good way to judge healing is if you're no longer having any pain during any activity with you mouth, and you're no longer having a discharge.

    Your piercer should have documented the length (and will document the length of the new, non-swell bar) and the gauge of the bar. If you're in doubt, just call him/her and ask. Tongues are usually don't at 14 gauge, occasionally higher, rarely lower, but length I couldn't tell you.

    Enjoy your piercing :) I miss mine sometimes, but it irritated the hell out of my mouth lol.

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    I had to wait longer than 3 weeks because mine got a bit infected (ugh), however it varies a lot from person to person. I'd definitely give it the initial 3 weeks though to settle down, you shouldn't need a shorter bar til then but after that I wouldn't recommend messing with it too much for a while, it can still be prone to infection. You won't really need to change the bar itself much after that, just the ends. One tip I can give is make sure you get balls with long screw threads otherwise they'll come off and you'll end up swallowing them (Speaking from experience!)


    Source(s): My own 10 year old tongue piercing!
  • I changed mine after about a week and a half to two weeks after because the barbell they gave me was too long and it irritated to top and bottom of my mouth. Just as long as the swelling goes down you should be able to fit and smaller one in. I tried after 4 or 5 days to change it and it left an indent on my tongue because it was still semi-swollen.

    The general piercing gauge is 14 and if you go anywhere to buy them, they are generally the most common fitting size. Usually a 5/8 [16mm] barbell.

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    Hi, i had mine pierced in January this year, im 21 and i never went back to have it changed to a smaller bar. I waited 2 weeks then changed the bar to a size 14 bar, and its been fine ever since and i have sooo many bars and balls that i am constantly changing it.

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    I had mine done and i changed it 4 days after.

    Just whenever you feel the swelling has gone down and it's comfortable to do so.

    They say 3 weeks to be on the safe side because i suppose everyone heals differently but it's your body :)

    Rachel x

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    i would reccomend waiting two months, but changing as often as you like is quite vague. if you mean swapping it for a different one every week or so then you should never do that, its very bad for the peircing and can result in some pretty nasty things such as keloids.

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    yeah u should be able to after that 3 weeks

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    if the person said 3 weeks id wait 3 weeks..

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