hollyoaks question regarding baby max?

Hiya guys and girls

I was just watching hollyoaks tonight and i have a quick question regarding baby max. I know baby max was belonged to tina mcqueen but how why jackie mcqueen claim all rightts to the baby. I mean russ is the father so he should have rights to see his own son DNA tests or not he should be rightly with his father russ. shouldnt he? Well i think he should jackies too much of a bully. No spam please


girls just so you all know im not giving the TDs ok

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    I know...this has been bugging me for sooo long.

    Jacki was gonna adopt Tina's baby then Tina changed her mind, had Max and moved in with Russ...

    Then Tina dies and Jackie thinks she has the rights to Max...which is sooo not true.

    Max should be with Russ, its his child.

    I do feel sorry for Jackie cos she cant have children but that does not give her thr right to steal Max

    Russ ends up taking Max and going on the run with him,,,,yeah good on him!

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    Well i think that jackie thinks that because max was once given to her before tina claimed him back she has the right to be responsible for him again. I agree with you. I think Russ should be able to see his son...

    and if he went to court to get the rights then the judge most likely would give him full custody if he wanted it, since he is the father after all... at least that would happen in real life, at least I'd like to believe it would. Too bad he's gonna kidnap him and run off.

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    Well jackie was the adopted mother of baby max when he was born, as tina gave him away, but later on tina became lonely and wanted her son back.. so when tina died as jackie was the 'adoptive' mother, not legally but she has been in max's life for a while now, and max has grown to think of jackie as his mother.. so russ hasn't got much experience in max's life and wants a DNA test to prove that he is his on paper so there is more chance of him being able to see his son.

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    tina had a deal with jackie when she was still pregnant to give the baby to jackie and tony, thats why her and dom split up because he wanted her to keep the baby even thought they thought it was tony's. anyways after tina died, jackie fell out with all the family and didn't want max with them so she felt she had rights to him because of her and tina's agreement before she died and decided to keep him for herself. Yeah he should be with russ, and jackie knows that she's just doing it out of spite because she thought she and russ had a chance, when she was staying at the flat, but he said those mean things about her, and thats why she's being spiteful, if this were real life, she would have no chance all russ would have to do was go to the police and say she's kidnapped his baby, she has no legal rights to max, she's not even his legal guardian, so, but that wouldn't be a good storyline would it, jeez i know too much about this show, i need to get out more.lols.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Tina was originally going to give Max to Jacqui and Tony to raise so now she's dead Jacqui feels she has the most right to him because Russ wasn't meant to be the biological father.

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    1 decade ago

    Yeah it bugs me too and yes you are right, the baby should be with the father. Its silly and a soap after all but it is frustrating....I just want to slap her!! It would not happen in real life!! As long as the father can support the baby and is not homeless or a junkie then the baby rightly belongs with him!!

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    I was so furious. Who does jackie think she is. Shes not the baby's mother. Russ should have Max, hes his dad for gods sake. It makes me so mad.

  • Before tina died she gave the baby to jackie,

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