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making hockey more popular. y americans?

hockey playoffs tickets can cost 120-$200 in canada.

in Carolina you can buy playoff tickets for only $14.

and worse it get souther you go.

why isnt hockey big or popular in the US.

well in the north it not too bad.

florida and phoenix is really bad their losing money....well almost all the southern teams are losing money.

why doesnt americans like hockey when its so entertaining its fast, hard hitting and has amazing skill, strategy, and heart.

tell me wat you do and not like about hockey you southern states :)

i know ice is not so popular in those states...

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    Sports normally only get immensely popular in areas where kids grow up playing the game. Canada and the northern U.S. have a strong base of kids who played hockey on frozen ponds as kids and grew up loving the game. On the converse, tell me where you'll find a frozen pond in Tampa, Florida or Phoenix, Arizona. There aren't as many opportunities to get the kids hooked on it in areas where a cold winter means it dips below 15C/60F, and so there's not the same passion in the southern U.S. as there is in the northern States and Canada.

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    In Detroit playoff tickets are very expensive, they are a little cheaper with the bad economy, but you're looking at 120-300 at least for the finals if they make it. In my opinion there are just too many foreign players in the NHL and that will never allow it to become that popular in the southern US. In the north it is more popular because those are the cities that have had teams for many years. All the other major sports have some foreign players, but not nearly as many as the NHL. I agree it is a great game and I have watched it for many years, but it will just not catch on big in the south. It's just the way it is. Hockey is more of an International sport.

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    People like to watch sports or games that they have played and understand. That's why in the US baseball and football are so popular. Every kid plays little league baseball here, and unless they play soccer, most guys play football at least their freshman year of high school.

    On the other hand, I would guess that about one percent of kids in the US play hockey. In warm weather places it's really expensive and difficult to get ice time because the limited amount of rinks here.

    So basically, a lack of familiarity is the cause. There is a bright side though, some warmer US cities- Dallas, St. Louis, SoCal- are developing good youth programs that are turning out quality players, which in turn will further increase interest in those areas.

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    Southern states are hotbeds for creating basketball and football players, they grow up playing and watching those for a hundred years. Hockey in the south has just popped up in the last 30 years, if your kid plays hockey it's like you're raising a pagan to worship a different sports god. I think people would love it, if they gave it a chance, but what is the incentive?

    If you were from Alabama, how would you rather spend your night, watching a NASCAR race with 90% of the drivers from the south, or watching a NHL Playoff game with 100% of players from yankee states, Canada, and Europe?

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    New markets and regional popularity are strange bedfellows. Give it time. There was a time when the game needed time to gain popularity in Toronto and Montreal. That was way before LITY's tme but it did occur.

    Too many people see the slow gains in southern markets and are ready to blow up the plan. Growing the sport isn't going to be easy and you can't expect immediate success.

    I bet my life if the NHL wasn't trying to grow its popularity there would be millions of people carping about the need to grow the game into newer markets. And those that don't would be pining for the old days of a six team league.

    They're the ones who haven't gotten over the expansion phase that began in the mid-1960's. Hell, I'll bet some still resent the additions of the Bruins, Blackhawks, Red Wings, et al.

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    I love hockey. A lot of Americans do. Problem is most americans watch basketball or football or, disgustingly, baseball. And your last statement is somewhat true. Unless you live in the northern U.S. you don't have much ice, so you never wanna go outside and play hockey. there is always backyard football, or driveway basketball. i love hockey, played it since i was 4 and am still playing. also bettman hasn't done a great job.

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    Rome wasn't built in a day, but the popularity of hockey is growing in the U.S. South .. but to expect it to be at par with that in traditional areas is unrealistic. Right or wrong (sad might be a better word), many Americans are often reluctant to show interest in something they don't participate in themselves.

    Source(s): <- Canadiens fan for over 20 years who has been living in Texas since August 2007
  • id agree with chuck,not many americans play in the nhl and were pretty much watching foreigners is getting that way also with latinos playing.i only watch the playoffs in either sport.regular season is kind of boring

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    because america has so many other sports to watch..

    unfortunately hockey is only super big in canada/ europe.. its still okay in america just not as much.

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