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Is there any other way of connecting stuff that need Wireless net?

nintendo created a, nintendo WI-FI usb connector, so that the wii and the DS can connect to the net if u dnt have wirless net, is their some lik that for all other things that need internet(net) ? my internet isnt wireless.

if their is, please leave a link as to where i can get it

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    yes i know exactly what you mean. its called a usb wireless adapter. you can get them in different speeds for performance. eg 54mbps, 125 mbps ect. also the security encyption is done on different frequencies. so if you have a 2.4ghz freq. then your in business. belkin, negator linksys are all good makes.

    jst type in2 google eny of the makes 4 exaple: > belkin usb wireless adapter

    or you can go on the brand website and they should (95%) of the time have a search bar.

    hope thts a help...

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    There should be an eithernet port on the back of the conslo it looks like a large phone plug. If you do then just get an eithernet cable and hard wire it. There are also addapters that pulg in to a electic outlet then plugs in to your console then u get another one and plug it in near your router then us eithernet cables to connect

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