What colour can i dye my hair?

(okay asked this question bfore but i didnt ask the question propely)

my old hairdresser dyed my hair and it turned out wrong, it didnt suit me. It was a dark reddy/brown colour. Its faded to a brown with an orange/reddy hue to it. My natural colour is dark blonde but darker in winter. It was the first time i put a dye in my hair,

i want to take the orange out of my hair and was thinking an ash colour like these:

102 in Natural light ash blonde:


106 Natural medium ash blonde:


this was taken an month ago and in australia its almost winter so my hair looks a shade darker:


Will it take the orange out of my hair? will my hair be too dark for those dyes? What colour would match my regrowth?

thanks for answering, i know its heaps long sorry for that

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