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I brushed my teeth with baking soda to whiten them...?

it worked, but I read on the internet that "Baking soda can dissolve orthodontic glue so please don’t try this teeth whitening method if you have a permanent retainer or wear braces"

I have braces, and read this AFTER I used baking soda.

I've only used it once, and cleaned my teeth with normal toothpaste afterwards.. will my braces be damaged?


Kitty: Yeah my teeth are really white, they were stained because I drink way too much coffee.

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    Many toothpastes contain baking soda so I shouldn't worry about it, but the soda is dissolved in the paste.

    If you just dip a wet toothbrush into powdered baking soda it will whiten your teeth more because it's also acting as an abrasive, this is not a good idea long term because it wears down the tooth enamel which can't be replaced.

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    Baking soda is excellent for cleaning all kinds of stains off your teeth, but if they still look dark it's because of over fluoridation or their natural colour. You might as well use the white strips now if you want to lighten them, and then use the baking soda occasionally instead of regular toothpaste to keep them white- but you will need a good regular oral hygiene routine, because artificially whitened teeth are weaker than natural dark ones. Also, I recommend stopping a few steps short of total whiteness, which will look too fake in real life. I don't know if the MA on the date is supposed to mean March or May, but it must be one of those two.

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    No they'll probably be fine, I'm sure it would take ages of using it before it would dissolve the glue, don't use it again though just in case. Go see your orthodontist if you think there might be anything wrong with them.

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    they should be fine, that just means that if you did it too much, it might cause the glue to become unbound and your braces would become unattached from your teeth.

    they'd have to re-glue them if that happened. you shouldn't use straight baking soda though, that'll cause the enamel on your teeth to be brushed off.

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    It shouldnt effect your teeth or braces after one use.

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    Nothing is gonna happen don't believe that

    Just don't use the baking soda again

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    They will be fine just once but I would clean them thoroughly and rinse your mouth - and wouldn't do it again!

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    Lol,i cant imagine that you will of done any lasting will be well safe.i cleans cleans cleans.

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    Nah doubt it

  • Wow how much did it work? are they like really white now???? Xx

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