top 5 fighting styles ? (toughest and hardest)?

my friend thinks Kung Fu and karate is the hardest and deadliest fighting styles and he thinks they would beat boxing but I on the other hand think boxing is the hardest because it is very rough,technical,skillful and a punch off a Professional elite boxer would be devastating i love boxing but i also have a keen interest in mma

but what do you think ?

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    There was a program on the Discovery Channel a while back going into the lethality of the arts.

    It was unanimous that a heavyweight or cruiser weight boxer would cause lethal damage to a forward blow. Internal bleeding by a jab, and a possible death due to CSF leakage after basal skull fracture if it was an uppercut. Pounds per square inch it could dent the hull on a supertanker.

    The most lethal kick was by Thai kickboxing, I'm not sure whats it called, but a knee to your chest. Fractured ribs, punctured ventricle or lung would get you in the box. More lethal than a roundhouse or a snap kick.

    Taekwondo's Kick also got some kudos but Karate was just good with the punches... of course I'm not on the receiving end of these.

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    Well, you'll certainly be hard pressed to find a martial art where practitioners can punch as well as a good boxer. However, I believe that boxing is, more than anything else, a sport.

    Boxing is technically very difficult, but its main focus is fighting in the ring, with a pair of gloves on. While it'll make you a better fighter, it is not made for self defense as karate or kung-fu is. For this reason, I would have to say that if a street fight were to take place between a karate practitioner and a boxer, both of equal ability. It is likely that the karate practitioner would win.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Though I'd pick BOXING over these any day, these styles are the best for FIGHTING:

    1. Muay Thai

    Deadly use of elbow, knees, shin, kicks, punches, & clinches

    2. Jeet Kune Do / MMA

    Incorporates various fighting styles including boxing, wrestling, and bjj.

    3. Wing Chun / Chinese Boxing

    Focuses on economy of motion and speed over power.

    4. Taekwondo

    Deadly kicks; very quick reflexes

    5. Karate

    Usually focuses on the use of strength

    The good thing about boxing is that it can easily be picked up and used effectively in the streets, where as in most martial arts, you'd have to master before you feel confident using it. Though mainly a sport, boxing does have it's roots based on fighting.

    Muay Thai is the deadliest in my opinion, especially with its masterful use of clinches. Like boxing it can be picked up fairly easily, though you need to be in great shape and have good coordination.

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu does not make the list for me because I'm more into stand up fighting. It is however, a great fighting style included in JKD. They say 85% of fights end up on the ground; Though I would like to think this is true only for my opponent.

    I grew up watching boxing. Throughout Karate, as a kid, I would mix up boxing in sparring sessions, which always threw off my opponents. The head movement, footwork, and use of feinting proved to trouble a lot of people who tend to learn only one style.

    The top three styles in my list tend to be more versatile forms of fighting.

    Source(s): I studied various styles of martial arts but always stuck to boxing.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Mauy Thai:

    Mauy Thai combines boxing, kick boxing and street fighting with mma

    many Mauy Thai fighters are also very skilled in other martial arts such as Karate, Judo, Jujitsu and TaeKwonDo

    Mauy Thai means the art of 8 limbs, it allows you to punch, kick, knee, elbow, headbutt, use of hands and shins

    check it out on youtube or something, its really ferocious !

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    Thai boxing is pretty tough, my daughter has won awards for that. And you should see the bruises she has when she comes in from training!! She's a very strange child!! 23, 6ft 2ins, she's a qualified hairdresser who does thai boxing 3 nights a week, and also took up pole dancing as a form of exercise!! I wish I had half her energy!!

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    1 decade ago

    Greek wrestling

    Berserker rage

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