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how can i grow my grape vine?

so last year i had my grape vine growing but this year it looks like if it was dead. When i took it out, it was still alive. Is there any way i can make it flourish again? So when i took them out i put them in pots. any advice is helpful

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    Wow. That vine is doomed.

  • I had one given to me last year in a large pot about 10", it sprouted shoots about 2 weeks ago, I have it out the front of the House. The 'Grapevine' is planted in a dense clayee soil, pretty compact which would probably help to keep the moisture retained in the roots. A common way of growing the 'Grapevine' was to plant the roots outside in the ground but the rest of the 'Vine' inside a 'Greenhouse' by a hole through from outside, the Vine then grows around in a humid heat and the roots get well watered from the rain (maybe a drop now and then, when it's dry).

    Source(s): Grapes are pretty juicy, plant needs enough, but not to much water, keep foliage quite dry
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    Grapes usually need be 10 foot apart, on trellis's, to produce good grapes. Pruned back in the fall or winter, They are hardy and will produce grapes. and drought resistant. and flood resistant. As they are in the front yard build a frame,transplant the grapes around the frame and prune till you have a place under them to set in the shade in the summer. They will probably need sprayed as well. As is if they are a good southern grape and cane runners they may well take over the yard and you will not need to mow again a big + for some. You can also use them for fence line but plant inside the line as you need to get to both sides to pick grapes.

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    plant it and let it have 8hrs off sun or more keep it water for the frist year good . good luck

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    water it and let it gow over somthing and dont let the roots get tangeled with other plants and let sunlight go to it

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    plnt it and water it and give it sun.

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