Car Registration License Plate?

can someone please tell me what you can find out from a car registrtion license plate number thingy??

i would really like to know, like what the different letters and numbers mean...

and if someone can explain it using this example:

ZKP 193

i would be grateful


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  • Nap
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    1 decade ago
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    In the USA and I speak specifically for NY State, they mean absolutely nothing other then there Alpha/Numerical value. In 2000, the State Of NY started new plates and technically they started as AAA0001. The numbers and letters are issued in order. ABC1234 THEN ABC1235 etc. Now I understand that in Europe the sequences have meaning as to where they have been issued,etc but not here in NY. Now in NY State they used to issue plates for rental cars at one time but that was discontinued due to thieves and robbers preying on people that had rental cars. Specifically tourists. These plates usually Had a beginning of Z and where universally known as Z plates. In Florida (I don't remember the year) Tourists where being robbed left and right. Then one month a few were killed. It was from that day forward that the plate question was terminated and the rentals where given normal everyday plates like would be given to any car.Now like in Jersey at present, they are up to the Z selection such as you have above but most plates at this time have 7 letter/number combo. Did this answer your question? Good luck

    Source(s): NY State DMV Employee-Investigator 19 Years
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Not sure about the new format - But - under the old format (A938 DPY for example) the first A was the year of registration, the last two letters PY were the centre where the vehicle was first registered at. The remaining numbers and letter identified the individual vehicle.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In the UK the first two are the area identifier. The next two are the year of registration the last three are random. E.g. LR/58/ RAN is London/ 2008 (last half of year)/any three characters. You can search the whole list of area codes on the net. Your example is a very old plate which may not be listed. Hope this helps.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It depends on the state/country you're asking about. Most states assign letters and numbers in strict alphanumeric order unless you request and pay for a vanity plate; in others, they may be assigned by county or other locality.

    If you're asking whether you can find the owner's name from a plate, the answer is no, that's not possible due to privacy laws. You can't find out who was that cute blonde in the BMW.

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    Source(s): Vehicle History Report
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    did you do it on line? if so, i could save the papers on your motor vehicle, and practice it to them. they are going to be attentive to you're waiting for the stickers. those those with 08 stickers are only fortunate.

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