As many US military sources now contend, did the British troops do a poor job in Iraq?

The British troops took part in an illegal invasion of a sovereign state. During their occupation of Basra, they engaged in the torture and killing of captives, allowed Shi'ite militias with close links to Iran to gain much control over Basra, and refrained from assisting the nacsent Iraqi army (assisted by US troops) during the most heavy fighting. The infrastructure in Basra is still very much in disrepair and many US military sources now contend that the British troops were not as effective as they could have been. Can the British role in Iraq therefore be judged a success, as depicted by many British media outlets?

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    who says lets look at some usa quotes lt col angelo johnson usa , praised his british predecessor for the decisive success of the MiTT process, " the british have done a phenomenal job," he said,

    "my british counterparts do a very poor job of advertising exactly how good a job they have done," i hope people in the uk understand their commitment & the things they have achieved. they should be proud,

    senior us army gen david petraeus applauded the troops professionalism, dedication & commitment & said he had been proud to serve with them, "your expert assistance has been instrumental in building & professionalising the iraqi navy & marines,

    the british got out of their vehicles & interacted with the iraqi people the americans just stay in theirs, the british were helping the people the americans were fighting the people, the british were re building the americans were destroying,

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    Edit 1812 the US failed Vietnam the US failed Korea the us failed

    Iraq where are the Weapons of Mass destructions I never saw any did anybody else

    and Afganistan what a laugh

    the USA have bases on most of the Planet and the ten countries that have the Highest standard of Living only One has us bases with thousands of troops.

    The us in not in the top 10 I wonder why ???

    End of Edit

    they could have done Better But they just did as they were told again where the us Military takes control it is always a shambles

    whenever the US military takes Charge they make the Rules and TELL their Allies what to do Like WW2 Eisenhower's contribution to WW2 in europe was to Extend the war past 1943

    and in Iraq and Afghanistan NOTHING has Changed

    The Australian SAS had Bin Laden Surrounded and they were Ordered out The USMC is taking over

    And Bin Laden has NOT been seen Since

    I hope Australia is the next to Leave

    Source(s): Retired Warrant Officer Explosives ordnance Engineer EOD IED special weapons who served it the Air Force For 38 years and I know what i am talking about I was there
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    Some people have a very bad memory, Isc1779, were the British not involved in the previous Gulf War in 1990? All of 13 years previous. I think you will find also it was our Special Forces that got the info for the initial bombing raids. As for the ground offensive being a screw up, it was probably due to us being bombed by American planes.

    We handed security over to the Iraqi's when they thought that they were capable of running it. The fact that they weren't, and let the Shi'ite Militia run amok, can not be laid at our door. The alleged torture and killing of captives, though wrong, is understandable when you have witnessed close friends blown up by cowardly road-side bombs. But compared to what Hussain and his henchmen did, was minor.

    Very rarely are wars a total success but this one hopefully, in a few years when things have quietened off will be.

    For people to make comments like this is an utter disgrace. It tarnishes the memory of the brave soldiers that died following instructions for Queen and Country

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    Of course the British Troops did a great job in iraq .

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    Seeing as they have tried to make friends with the locals instead of shooting and torturing them (Americans) I think they did a great job which we should be proud of.

    Source(s): Everyone knows it.
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    The british always controlled with great discipline their areas of control. Anyone that says otherwise was not really there. I am an american in the Air Force and I saw what they did and how they acted. Top notch!

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    HA ha did British do a good job?? did USA do a good job ??

    now lets see who trained Iraq army Mm the British are they doing the job Mm ? yes who trained the Iraq police Mm British are they doing the job? yes, who trained the USA in urban warfare Mm ? my sons, WHO HAS FINISHED THE JOB THEN THE UK HAS,

    the UK fights wars wins wars does the job it sets out to do then leaves the glory to USA YOUR WELCOME we dont give a **** what you think we did the job,

    but there is plenty of time for the good old us of a to f it up then i guess we will have to come in & save your arses again

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    Ineffective? At the beginning of that war the British troops were kept at bay without commands on advancement. They waited for 3 weeks + b4 it got to the central command that they've been made to sit on their hands. US wanted it's troops to be there first - political. Having said that, the Brits hit their targets on foot mostly (highly effective).

    Source(s): observer
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    omg you americans i think are the worlds most guilty nation as having a selective mind, i like the way all your f**k ups are hidden from the news and all ours are broadcast along with the line "we americans sorted it out" your self promotion makes me sick.

    our pound for pound strength, professionalism, intelligence and experience far out weighs yours......i'd like to see your Armed Forces do even half what we have done with the same amount of resources and numbers!

    there rant over.

    love you lots

    now sod off.

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    its started all ready has it,"LOOK JUST TAKE THE CREDIT FOR IT ALL LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO," we were never there, just like WWII only america was there they saved the world Dddaa(usa savior of the universe) its the only way usa will ever win a war can not do it on its own not won 1 war on its own but knocks every one else, the day they fight a war on their own & win then they can start to criticise until then they should put up or shut up,

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