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Internet Service Provider do they have the right to do this?

Hello yesterday or so I was about to go on the internet and my ISP popped up a message saying we will limit your speed from now on for the fairness of other users on our service. So I called up today and I said right whats going on cause my internet speed is now super slow and they said its part of a new system. We are restricting our customers to 10gb per month f you want to upgrade to 20gb its 3 euro extra a month. So i said yes. Anyway I had unlimited access to the internet for the 2 years i got broadband and now all of a sudden its limited and slower. Whats my rights or do they have the right to do this. And should I leave them and move to someone else.

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    Yes they can to it. Get used to it. If it is a private company (not utility) then they can do it.

    Companies, particularly in the US consistently try to squeeze every dollar out of its "valued customers" Companies for a few years now have been quietly testing metering software. The debate over Net Neutrality is about creating "premium zones" on the internet like paid tolls. There's also a bill right now in US Congress which everyone with and internet service will be taxed an additional $5 per month to pay record companies "lost revenues" from people downloading music illegally.

    In France, you can buy HD tv service, high speed internet, home phone service (free unlimited calls in country and to US landlines) and you get a USB wireless stick to use your laptop anwhere.... Cost $35 euros per month at the high end. The same package would cost 10x that amount in the US

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    Look over your service contract that you have with them (it's that long, small legal document of what you and your ISP agreed).

    If it guarantees you certain speed or bandwidth for the price you're paying them, then they are breaching the contract.

    However, and most likely this is the case, if it says they reserve the right to modify the service agreement or that it can change at any time, then they can do whatever they want.

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    only now after 14months i can say virgin media their first year was awful,I ran their full package ie:tv,phone,broadband which used to be ntl the whole system ran through a set top box and we was always having problems with the broadband connection only when i said i was not satisified with their service this was after umpteen visits by an engineer they sent a different engineer who said the all in one modem is obsolete so now we still use set top box and a separate modem for the broadband and now its never been a problem.And best of all they re:embursed the cost of broadband for the last 12months but alas we are moving to the the highlands and will be using sky i dread to imagine what that is going to be like.

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    Yes, some companies due to mass downloads of things like torrents, etc slowing down their overall network bandwidth are setting restrictions. Some still don't have plans like these, I recommend switching if you have a problem with their policies and plans.

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    I believe you should just leave them they may or may not have the right to do this but why would you want to stay with a company that can make dramatic changes to your service just because they feel like it.... im pretty sure you can fight and have your connection back but i would just leave if i were you

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    Yes they have every right to do it. It's your choice whether or not to switch but don't expect much different anywhere else.

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    it's all if the fine print. yes they can to that and more and more of them are .remember you have the right also to change ISP's get shopping

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    Is is their right to run their business how they want. If you don't like it, then don't buy their services.

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