What does morning sickness feel like? Some say it's like motion sickness, some say it's like a hangover and..?

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some say it feels like you're really hungry!
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For me it was kind of like motion sickness. Heavy head, wooziness, queasy, just wanted to lie down all the time. I also felt hungry at the same time as feeling sick, which was weird.

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  • boospoo answered 5 years ago
    I agree with Moongirl, lemonade is really good for it!

    For me, it feels like I constantly want to be sick, although I never am (as yet, anyway...). It's worse first thing in the morning and then around 9pm or so. It's horrible! But it will be worth it in 8 months time...

    I think I'd rather have what I have than a hangover feeling. And I don't feel hungry. Far from it!
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  • sunshine answered 5 years ago
    like motion sickness, a hangover, sea-sickness etc all rolled into one..
    some are hungry because they havn't been able to digest any food.. this was the case for me.. i was starving but couldn't handle the smell or taste of anything... it was horrible
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  • Kat answered 5 years ago
    Well I've never heard it described like motion sickness, hangovers or hunger...the last thing I ever wanted to do was eat...to me it was like having the stomach flu...your stomach feels upset all the time...you don't want to eat, and you are nauseated, sometimes vomiting. It passes, after about a month or so...but you feel so miserable!!! They say eating saltines is good for morning sickness...that helped me a little bit, but I also found that eating something sour helped me out...nothing like a lemon, more like a sour lollipop or lemonade. Those both helped me out.


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  • Thier Mummy, His Wife answered 5 years ago
    i felt hungover with my 1st, with my 2nd i felt sick at the mo i cant stop eating im 12 days late for af waiting for mr posite bring my tests so it can vary
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  • Shani answered 5 years ago
    I was motion sickness until i threw up then i got all heady and felt like a hangover
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  • ? answered 5 years ago
    yeah its sort of like motion sickness and you generally feel cr*p. its not nice but it does ease of for most people after the first 3 months of pregnancy. its not an enjoyable experience lol.
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  • [[me]] answered 5 years ago
    for me it felt like i was car sick all the time
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  • *Nikki* answered 5 years ago
    just feel REALLY sick, at first most people arnt actually sick
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