In the 60's and 70's everything was love and peace and be like Christ. Now its OK to hate Christians?

What happened to that movement? Took some left turn and just kept going?

And what's so wrong about peace, love, and understanding? Why are Liberals so full of hate?

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    1 decade ago
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    It is a really odd cultural shift.

    We supposedly live in tolerant nation, and for the most part this is true.

    But it seems perfectly socially acceptable to mock Christianity. You would be ostracized if you said similar things about Jews or Muslims or Hindus. This ant-Christian sentiment is also linked to a general loathing of our own culture.

    Somehow the new toleration applies to everything but our own culture. Western Civilization is derided and downplayed at every turn. Strangely enough, the source of this are Universities, which themselves are the unique product of Christianity and Western Civilization.

    Whatever this is,, it is definitely the product of the 1960's.

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    We did not accept or like hypocrites in the 60s and 70s. We still don't. Today's dominant christians and their leaders have become political and thus hypocrites. Your premise is backwards, which is all too common with conservative noise these days. That movement you speak of is blooming again and just elected Obama by a margin of about 9 million votes. Been there, done that, and still doing it. There is no difference between fighting against the Viet Nam war and a crooked Nixon and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or a crooked Bush/Cheney cabal. It is so funny to hear today's conservatives speak of Christ when he would be the first to condemn their actions and words.

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    1 decade ago

    A better question might be...what happened to peace, love, and understanding as Christian values. It seems that today in the US, people who scream loudest about being supposed Christians are the ones who dislike foreigners, love guns and wars, etc. Strange. The religious right seems to have lost the true Christian way.

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    First of all the 60s and 70s were not all about love and peace, remember there was a "war" going on and this was a way of protesting the establishment (government). Granted other than being high all the time it was at least more peaceful than the hate protests you see now from the left.

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  • topink
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    1 decade ago

    There are so many Chreestians and Chrustians that have become very petty minded in the past few decades, so that's why I can't listen to these types who think they are really representing Jesus. Their politics are way off and their views on education too.

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    Sorry dude… you’re barking up the wrong tree. There is NOTHING wrong with peace, love, and understanding. But you must first understand that the “Religious Right” has been “wrong 100% of the time.

    The “Religious Right” gave us probation and the MOFIA. The “Religious Right” gave us George W. Bush and everything he stands for. It was the “Religious Right” that gave us NASCAR and the oil lobby.

    Keep spinning dude, you will barf sooner or latter.

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    Explanation: Right-Wing = Fascist. Fascist = Nazi.

    Nazi's attacked ALL religion, Judaism, Protestant, Lutheran, etc. And only allowed Roman Catholic to appease their Allie Benito Mussolini who had Vatican City under his thumb. The Italians would never have gone along with the Nazi's if they had outlawed Catholicism, neither would the Vichy French.

    So keep in mind. The Right-wingers are the ones religion should fear.

    Liberal means just that. Tolerance for others beliefs. (Liberal)

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    You are obviously misguided. You immediately assume that all liberals are not Christian and spew this bigoted partisan garbage. Liberals still support peace, love, and understanding, but the secular and even religious ones are tired of being pushed around by the self-righteous, religious right wing. Apparently, if a person takes decades of insults and abuse and then makes a stand against it, he's a hate-monger.

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    76% of America openly admits belief in God. Liberals and the supreme court is what happened. When you legislate what is moral out and what is immoral in, when the minority is catered too instead of the majority being upheld this is what happens. When you disregard not only the constitution but the spirit it was conceived and drafted in, this is what happens. Tell the supreme court to go back to interpreting law and get out of legislating. Uphold the consensus of the majority as the constitution states and things will get a lot better for everyone. It is unconstitutional for the supreme court to legislate, 1962 was the start of bad years to come.

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    In my opinion, several things have caused the descent of christianity:

    First and foremost is George W Bush. This fine christian gentleman came close to destroying our economy as he had thousands of our children killed in a senseless war.

    Secondly is the coward who killed an abortion doctor and then hid in France. He was willing to end a life, but unwilling to accept responsibility for his actions.


    Alec, Possibly you will get thumbs down because you can't spell and insult people without understanding what is being said. (I don't dislike god for the same reason I don't dislike unicorns.)

    Please do not tell me what I feel or have enough trouble with your opinions...or rants.

    Third, and the last item I'll list (there are many more possible) is the fundamentalist movement. They're insane and they're christians....not good for your image.

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