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Domestic violence against women is a crime; domestic violence against men is justice?

Does anyone else get this impression when they see things like this

(Notice especially what happens at about 2 mins 30).

Why is the prevailing attitude in the West 'domestic violence against women is a crime; domestic violence against men is justice'?

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    For some reason, I didn't feel as bad for that guy being beaten as I felt for the woman in the beginning when she was being abused.

    I don't know why but somehow dv against men doesnt seem that damage-causing as dv against women does.

    It's totally unfair though, I agree. Yet I couldn't bring myself to really feel the same about both cases. Somehow the man abusing woman seems to have more damange, more humiliation and more trauma, than woman abusing man. Eveyone feels so and so do I. I need to change my attitude perhaps. Dv is a crime no matter what gender the abuser is, so it's unfair that only men are blamed.

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    Continue to raise awareness because currently not a whole lot of people know about this very serious issue. Our feminized society has been conditioned to believe that only women can be victim and only men abused. With enough awareness and opposition, hopefully, funding and research will be distribute far more evenly (instead of only focus on female victims) and feminism will lose control of the Domestic Violence industry.

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    Violence against men is a crime and violence against women is a crime.

    If I saw someone being beaten up in the street I would be just as likely to step in and try to stop it if a woman was hitting a man or a man was hitting a woman.

    Domestic violence isn't justice as people don't deserve to be treated like that.




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    Let me mention that it's because domestic violence against men isn't taken as seriously. If a man tried calling the cops because he was being beaten up by his wife, he very likely would be laughed at and told to be a man and stand up for himself. Until these attitudes change, this is going to continue to be the way domestic violence is handled.

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    Domestic violence should be a crime not a gender.

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    Most people don't know that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners.

    You would never guess it from the Violence Against Women Act and all the domestic violence campaigns that seek to portray men as the only perpetrators and women as the only victims.

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    I don't agree with your statement, I think all domestic violence is a crime.

    Most of how people react to witnessing the public displays of abuse is a reflection of their own life experiences. If they automatically see a male victim as "deserving" of the abuse, what sort of experiences would lead to that opinion?

    I'm not saying it's fair or justified, I'm just commenting on human psychology.

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    The ''domestic violence against women is a crime; domestic violence against men is justice'?' attitude is insanity bordering on misandry. We can only hope such people are a minority.

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    You only feel that way b/c typically in a "mano y mano" situation, a woman would be foolhardy to take on a man. And likewise, even if the woman "starts" it, the man, IMO, has a strong imperative to refrain from battery unless he's in iminent danger of life or limb and cannot retreat.

    DV, unfortunately, is not simply about fisticuffs. Oh, were it THAT simple. What if a 4'11", 95 lb. woman, pissed off at her 6'4", 240 lb muscular husband for whatever reason, takes a hammer and brains him while he's asleep? Is THAT somehow OK or even mitigated due to the gender of perp vs. victim? Yet many so-called DV or "Womyn's" advocates, rather than condemn such an provoked act of violence as assult with a deadly weapon (ADW), or even

    attempted murder, will strain credulity to somehow justify the female perp's actions and blame the victim!

    There's no easy solution, and getting Government involved to the point where normal jurisprudence and long-standing legal principles have been all but abolished (like innocent until proven guilty) has likely created far more problems than it has solved.

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    Domestic violence is a CRIME period. It doesn't matter what gender, what age...! I was watching a re-run of cops and they took a 91 year old lady to jail for poking her friend in the arm with a knife.

    I read in the paper all the time where both man and woman were taken to jail for domestic violence. Usually, it's after a few rounds of refreshing alcoholic beverages, a couple dose a meth, and they don't remember each other's names, let alone what they started to fight about...they still both end up in jail...nonetheless.

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