Can someone explain how to play the combat phase in Warhammer Fantasy?

Can someone explain how to play Warhammer Combat Phase i'm read the rulebook but i cant understand it i have the battle of skull pass but i just can understand it can someone explain it easier for me please.

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    After all of the other phases are completed you go into combat phase in which the player who charges strikes first (only on the first round of combat, after that it is based on initiative). to hit you compare the WS of the fighters. if they are the same the attacker hits on a 4+, if the attackers is 1 or more higher then he/she/it (lol) hits on a 3+. But if the defenders WS is more than twice that of the attackers then the attacker will hit on a 5+.

    After you calculate the hits you go into the damage calculation calculation part. in hear you compare the attackers S to the defenders toughness. If they are even (say S3 and T3) the attacker will wound the defender on a 4+. If the S is 1 higher then the T then the attacker will wound on a 3+, 2 higher will wound on a 2+. if the S is lower then the T then the attacker will wound on a 5 or 6 depending on the difference.

    and finally for the fun part. Now you need to calculate the Armor save. using dwarfs as an example a typical warrior will get a 3+ save, this is because they have heavy armour, shield, and a hand weapon (which only counts for close combat). after you find out what the Armour save is you will actually raise the number depending on the strength of the attacker a S4 enemy will change an armour save from a 3+ to a 4+.S5 will put you at a 5+. S6 6+. S7 or higher you get no Amour save (ha! ha!).

    And last but not least combat resolution. please just read the book 4 that one.

    If you have any questions you can E-Mail me at Or call your frendly naborhood Games Workshop

    Source(s): The warhammer rule book and 7 years of experiance
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    How To Play Warhammer Fantasy

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    Well trot off back to your normal life Anna, don't let us get in the way of your television watching or whatever passes for fun in your world.

    This might sound like ducking the question Adam, but if you have a Games Workshop near you just go in and ask the staff. They'll be happy to run through it with you, running demo games and combats is a big part of what they're paid for and they like doing it.

    If that's not an option, then learn by trial and error - don't try to understand it just by reading the book, set it up and do it. That's the best way to see how it works. Start at page 8 and go through it line by line until page 18. There's a summary on page 22 once you have got the basics, which will remind you of what order things go in.

    The game runs in turns. In turn one, you have a go and then (when you have finished) your opponent has a go. Then it is the end of the turn, and the next turn starts.

    There are a set number of things (phases) you can do in your turn. You have to do them in order - if you forget to move a unit in the movement phase and then you start combat, you can't then say "oh, hang on" and go back and move that unit. So you need to think it all out in advance.

    Once you have moved, including charges, you then get to shoot with any unit that is not already in a close-up fight. And then you resolve the fighting between the units that are in a close-up fight. Then you remove the dead, and it's your opponent's go.

    Hope this helps. My advice is definitely to grab an opponent and get stuck in.

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    No idea.

    Is warhammer a bit sad?

    I am an oldie but my kids say that warhammer is for odd balls.

    This is not a criticism, just a question.

    I wonder if Snakey B might want to become one of my Fans after he recovers from his Sense of Humour Removal Surgery?

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