How did your team do this past week?

For me it was a lousy one as the Yanks got swept by the Sox. 2 of those games they should've won. But having said that congrats to the Sox.

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    Boston Red Sox did really well.

    After a 2-6 start we are now on a 10 game winning streak. The hitting has really picked up after it struggled in the first 6 games of the season against the Rays and Angels.

    I would say we've done really great being on this 10 game winning streak and playing really good baseball right now.

    After watching the Red Sox play this week it's made me feel relaxed watching their games and like we can go out and win any game.

    I'm not trying to sound cocky in anyway because I know there is still a long season left to go, just analyzing a good week for the Red Sox.

    I hope and wish they play like this through the whole 162 game season. Theres still a long way to go though but we've been looking pretty good right now.

    Good luck to your Yankees too

    and welcome back, I hope everything is going okay with you

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    It was an interesting week for the Twins. We also got swept by the Red Sox, but we also took 2 out of 3 in Cleveland. I'm hoping we can do well in this upcoming series with the Rays.

    Good to see you back Scooter! :)

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    Cards fan (And Jays sonetines)

    swept the Astros Mets and Cubs so far

    Carpenter is hurt already

    Pujos had another 7 RBI game.

    doing well in central

    Hockey I am 100% (Sorry If I put this in hockey they don't like me cause I am always right) Blackhawks will take the cup

    And football Eagles made Great picks i expect them to go far

    Haven't been in football (or anywhere else for that matter been out of town)

    Basketball? Ha ha what is that?

    Great to see you again Scooter haven't been on caught up on baseball thus far May be moving so everything is nuts Cards are looking good as far as I know

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    The Detroit Tigers lost 3 games and won 3 games for this past week

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    Nice to see you back Scooter. I'm sorry that your team lost 2 games. When I was little I was going to be a rebel in my family and like the Giants. I guess I better start with that and I don't know how they are doing but I think I can find out. So nice to see you back Scooter. Hugs to you and your niece and new job. Have a good day. I hope you had a good vacation. I found out on their last two games: all 3 with those Diamondbacks the Giants won 2 and lost 1. I remember that when I was little I hated the Diamondback games. But the Giants did win two. Have a good day Scooter.

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    Hey Scooter!! How are ya?! glad to see you're back even if its for a limited basis.

    Angels this week? hmmm better.. 3-3 but 7-11 is waaaay below .500 for a team that hasn't been below .500 for 5 or 6 years or so :P. Bad start.

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    the Red Sox are currently on a 11-game winning streak.

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    Cardinals had a very good week. Swept 3 from the Mets and won the first two from the Cubs before losing Sunday. Team looks good but I am still worried about lack of pitching and the defense has been sloppy

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    The Cubs finally broke a 4 game losing streak by avoiding a sweep in St. Louis. Still this team is in trouble, too many holes in the bullpen, plus the injury bug has bitten early and often with Milton Bradley, Aramis Ramirez, Carlos Marmol, and now Derrick Lee day to day with injuries. Also Soriano got plunked in the head, but stayed in the game. They need to tread water for a couple of weeks and get everyone healthy so that they can play to their capabilities.

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    We won consecutive games for the first time this season! Well, I am hoping we will get back on our way. We are better then we have proved to be thus far.

    Y!A has missed you! Glad to see you are back! Sorry I'm not the best for support, but if I did help, glad I could!

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