Is it safe to clean and re-use a moldy lunch container?

I just found a re-usable insulated lunch bag I thought I lost about a year ago. I was all excited to start using it again when I opened it up and found the sides were moldy from what appears to be either an apple or an orange that I obviously forgot to take out. The bag is in otherwise good condition... there are no cracks in the plastic. Would it be safe for me to give the bag a good cleaning, perhaps with some bleach water, and begin re-using it for my lunch?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    As long as you can get all of the mold spores out you should be fine. I would use a bleach and water mix, 1 part bleach to 10 parts water, and then wash it out with dish soap after that just to make sure you get all the bleach out and let it dry, if you notice any smells then after you clean it try it again and if you cant get rid of the mold smell or if it returns latter you may just have to throw it out. I hope this helps

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    I keep a spray bottle of bleach water handy and use for such things. Spray well and let sit for a while and then scrub clean. Then I would also scrub with lysol or mr. clean.

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    persist with all training for dilution, utility, and warnings on the field of bleach for sanitation of nutrition surfaces and it would do the pastime. once you're nonetheless uncertain, purchase yet another lunch field.

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