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How to make oil paint dry faster?`?

I have my art exam monday, and i need all of my paintings that i just did to be dry in time. How can i make them dry faster. I know oil doenst dry by evaporation, so any other suggestions, or just patience?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Next time you can add an alkyd based medium such as Liquin or add cobalt siccative. Since you're an amateur, you better stick with Liquin or something similar.

    Oils dry thorugh the oxidation process.

    I wouldn't do anything to accelerate the drying time, except putting them outside and in the shade; carefull because if they're wet, they'll get dirt.

    If you intend to varnish, wait at least 6 months.

    Best regards,

    José (from The Art Inquirer and Hushcolours)

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  • geremy
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    1 decade ago

    yes oil does dry by evaporation....

    there is long chain oils short chain oils and medium chain oils...they dry or cure by having one of those molecules plop off into the air.

    Longer the chain longer it takes to dry....shorter chain oils dry quicker.

    There isn't much you can do at this point......but I have an idea...

    Japan Dryers can accelerate the evaporation/drying times of is universally accepted as what to use with're an artist...research Japan Dryers.

    You can add this to your paints in small amounts..and then that probably would have helped you...I have had great success with Japan Dryers and varnishes on furniture, mostly artsy finishes that needed to be delivered by Monday stuff.

    If they don't take too long to paint...repaint them with new that and you should be ok.....but 36 hours is pushing it...

    Be mindful that using too much Japan Dryer will be a bad thing, but you can go above the recommended mix ratios. As a finisher I consider it another thinner and know alot about the viscosity, temperature, humidity, etc. required for chemicals to do their thing..

    I can break rules..

    The more you learn about the chemicals you're using the more flexible it gets...I can make things that aren't supposed to be compatible, well compatible...

    So not a good chance of them being dry to the touch by Monday....if you had put the Japan Dryer in before you painted would have "flashed off" or "tacked" or "skimmed" meaning...that the thick spots of oil aren't dry underneath the top is hardened and will continue to dry.

    Oh and yes everything dries by evaporation...some chemicals "cure" from a chemical reaction, like epoxy, but generally everything has some drying to do.

    you can also add boiled linseed oil, that was pretty much what the masters used....they made their own should try it....make sure you get "Boiled" linseed oil it dries.....regular linseed oil won't what we're looking for at least.

    Yeah try that hair dryer idea.

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  • 4 years ago

    oils take a looooong time to dry unfortunately, and yes you are right in saying that mixing the paint with thinner WILL make it dry faster, the paint you have already applied is still going to need days to dry on the surface (depending on how thick you applied the paint) and weeks to months, (once more depending on thickness) to dry from beneath, you CAN try to put it under the sun during daytime or as someone else suggested to use a hair dryer on it, this way u can speed up the drying process of the surface and you will be able to touch it without getting messy and be able to give it to him in time. sorry for not being able to help more =[

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  • 1 decade ago

    Warm room with ventilation

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  • 1 decade ago

    hang it outside your window.

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  • spray some dryer on them or use hairspray

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