Who are the TOP 10 quarterbacks in the NFL right now in order of 1 to 10?

I would say

1. Peyton Manning

2. Tom Brady

3. Drew Brees

4. Carson Palmer

5. Jay Cutler

6. Donavon McNabb- When he wants to play

7. Ben R.

8. Aaron Rodgers

9. Jake Delhomme

10. Matt Hasselbeck

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    1. P. MANNING: He's obviously the best field general, he's still healthy, and I think he's probably the smartest QB on the field right now. One of the all time greats, actually.

    2. BREES: I'm going to make a crazy pick here, because Drew just brings it all the time. Crappy team or not, he's out there making things happen. Always in Top 5 for QB Rating, too. He's efficient, and almost broke Dapper Dan's magical mark last year...just 15 yds short. That's basically one more completion.

    3. WARNER: You can't argue with what this guy has done in the league. Sure, he's not his old self, but since he's still active, and had a great run last year, I'm going to put him up here. If we're talking literally this coming year, then he obviously doesn't belong at number three, but I'm giving him the credit. Cardinals had no defense and no running game last year, and almost beat the Steelers. He deserves his due.

    4. BRADY: Like the guy above said, can't argue with 3 rings in 4 years, right?

    5. BIG BEN: He's definitely Top 5, because of how he extends plays, and always seems to pull a rabbit out of his hat. He's very Favre-like in his controlled chaos. And he definitely has a lot of heart. And 2 rings in 4 years...and with that 32nd ranked O-Line...he was running for his life.

    6. E. MANNING: I don't think people are giving Eli the credit he deserves. He's definitely worthy of a Top 10 spot. Aside from the tanking at the end of last season, he has been constantly improving and if they get a receiver or two, he'll continue that trajectory this year.

    7. PENNINGTON: He went from a crappy Jets team to a crappier Dolphins team and immediately helped them win 10 more games than they did with a bunch of no-name QB carousel has-beens and never-was'es. He also was 2nd in QB Efficiency, and threw almost 3x more TD's than INT's...and that's not easy to do in this league.

    8. RIVERS: I personally hate the guy, but you gotta give credit where credit is due. Top Rated QB last season, and he did it with no WR's and a mostly-injured LT. He's a cocky bastard who needs to learn humility, but he's a good QB.

    9. DELHOMME: As much as this guy doesn't impress me with flash points, like Collins, you can't argue with his productivity and the fact thah the knows how to win games.

    10. COLLINS: I have to give the last spot to Kerry. He can sling it, or he can manage the game. He can also out-drink us all, but he's supposedly on the wagon now, so I guess he'll be out of this year's Top 10 Jack Daniels awards.

    11. GARCIA: Like Spinal Tap, my list goes to 11. I have to give an honorable mention to Garcia. He's still a Top 10 Rated QB, and really good at protecting the ball (double TD's to INT's) and he's got tons of experience and can still manage or win a game.


    I don't think that Rodgers, Schaub, Cassel, Ryan, Cutler, or Flacco have had enough time to really prove they're as good as they were last season, so I left them off my list until they show they can perform over time, not just one or maybe two seasons.

    And I won't put Daisy Donovan "I'm tired and don't want to play in the Super Bowl even though we have a chance to win" McNabb in any Top 10 list, because he has zero heart and should move in with Vince Young so they can cry all day about how they don't want to go through with it.

    Romo chokes in big games (Playoffs, vs. Steelers, etc), Garrard is one step from the bench, and Frerotte is old and never really did anything. Everyone else is either too young or sucks.

  • J~Mac
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    1. Tom Brady

    2. Peyton Manning

    3. Matt Hasselbeck

    4. Carson Palmer

    5. Drew Brees

    6. Kurt Warner

    7. Ben Roethlisberger

    8. Aaron Rodgers

    9. Jake Delhomme

    10. Joe Flacco

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    1) Aaron Rodgers 2) Drew Brees 3) Tom Brady 4) Matthew Stafford 5) Tony Romo 6) Eli Manning 7) Alex Smith 8) Ben Roethlisberger 9) Matt Ryan 10) Andy Dalton

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Tom Brady (3 rings, who can argue with that?)

    2. Ben Roethlisberger

    3. Peyton Manning

    4. Carson Palmer (It's not his fault he works for such a poorly run organization)

    5. Donovan McNabb

    6. Drew Brees

    7. Eli Manning

    8. Kurt Warner (the old man is skilled)

    9. Jay Cutler

    10. David Garrard

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    You left out Warner! You have McNabb on there befor Ben? and Kurt doesn't even make the top ten? Kurt was number 2 in passing yards.

  • 1 decade ago

    1 p manning

    2 brady

    3 big ben

    4 eli manning

    5 warner

    6 brees

    7 mcnabb

    8 favre

    9 rodgers

    10 palmer

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1.peyton Manning

    2.tom brady

    3.donavan mcnabb first game against the dallas cowboys

    4. brett favrv with no snow

    5.drew brees

    6.eli manning

    7.jay cutler

    8.vince young when hes healthy

    9.aaron rodgers

    10.big ben!

    thats my top 10

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    1 decade ago

    peyton manning

    big ben

    tom brady

    drew brees


    carson palmer

    the other manning

    jay cutler

    curt warner

    tony homo sorry rono

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