Would you take a lie detector test?

I have seen and heard spirits several times and would be more than willing to take a lie detector test.. as well as any psychology test out there..Dose anyone think TAPS would? And also anyone know what happened to Brian from the show?


Thanks Witchy Mel!!! I knew I would get just that kinda responce from them..lol but you forgot to add Tuckmyham...I said something about her being so rude and was told by some one that she was a beautiful woman.. b/c he had made a astrol visit to her and that she was aware of the visit.. seems to me tha would fall under paranormal phenomena, which she said she did not believe in and thats a bit ummm odd.

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    I haven't watched TAPS in a while so I don't know what happened to Brian. I don't think that they would take a test because I'm pretty certain that they have faked some spooky situations for ratings before.

    As far as anyone else taking a lie detector test, I'm pretty sure that skeptics will tell you that this wont count or work in this situation because generally the person who is claiming to have such an experience fully believes that they have had that experience...most times they aren't lying, they are just misguided because they lack critical thinking or because they are delusional.

    The only way that a psych test would work is if the person was indeed delusional and it would go to prove that their experience wasn't real but even if someone cleared the test and was proven to be mentally fit, in a skeptic's eyes, that still wouldn't mean that they had a real experience.

    Of course I am playing devil's advocate here, I am a believer in many things paranormal. I just thought I would take the words out of someone else's mouth. ;)

    I am going to hit submit and see if I was successful. :)


    YAY! I beat them to it! Na, na, na, na TR, Wushuboy and Nice Guy. :P

  • John
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    Witchy Mel gets a Junior Skeptic sticker for her answer :)

    Yes I would be willing to take a lie detector test. I've always been interested by that. I doubt that the TAPS guys would because I have a hunch that Jason & Grant are at least aware of some funny business on their show, even if they weren't directly responsible for it. It's even less likely that anyone from Paranormal State would do it! But like Mel said, if someone really believes they had an experience, all the lie detector will tell you is that they really believe they had a paranormal experience. Whether their experience was actually paranormal or not is a different question.

    I think Brian went to Ghost Hunters International, and then disappeared from the show citing family reasons. I have no more information than that.

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    I have taken several of them due to my particular government service.

    The first one I took, I lied on and everything went well. After that, inconclusive. The last 5 were all with the same questions and I think I drove the polygraph operator crazy, I know I pissed him off. I told them in advance that it will not work with me if I so choose and was told they work on everyone. It was fun but since then they no longer test me.

    If you find a biorhythm training device, it does not need to be an expensive one, and learn to control the light or tone at will, you can do the same with the polygraph.

    The "E-Meter which is used in Scientology works on the same principle. It is much more simple but depending on thew operator may be just as effective. I was for a short time inside the "church" as a "member" and went through various activities. Just before the time I was to leave the "church", I was hooked to the E-Meter. As soon as I was hooked up and the machine was tuned, I decided to play. I told the operator the needle would peg to the right and it did. Then to the left and again it happened. I ended the session by standing the meter straight up in the center. The operator quickly unhooked me and told me to never touch the machine again. It does not take any supernatural abilities, just lots of practice and learning . The bio-feedback monitor is a good tool to start learning the necessary self control and discipline to consciously invalidate the lie detector.

    I cannot say anything about TAPS, I have never seen it where I am.

    As for the things you see and hear, do not worry about convincing the skeptics. Until science finds a way to adequitly test and prove either the existance or non-existance of things there will always be those who say that there is no proof sotherefore it is not true. Until 1954 "science" minded persons believed it was impossible to run a mile in under 4 minutes and could be hazardous to a persons health to attempt it. Not only was this proven to be a mistaken belief by Roger Banister, John Landy did the same 46 days later and just a few years later, it was done another dozen times. There arethings being done, tested and researched which in time will put a new understanding of many of todays "scientifically" accepted ideas. Keep a journal of your experiances as they are without trying to understand and explain them, this may be useful later. If you write what you think or interpert with what you see and hear, keep a second journal paralell to the first. One as a witness and the second with the event and your understanding. It will help you to better work with it.

    Good luck and have fun!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would be willing to take a lie detector test about my experiences. I think that the guys from TAPS would also. Brian went to GHI along with Dustin, Joe Chin, and Andy.

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  • Dr. NG
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, I would take the test. That's the only way anyone can really find out if they work.

    Edit. If the TAPS guys took one. The first question should be. Why can't you turn on the lights?

    Mel, Thanks for stating the obvious. You did it much better then I could have.

  • Mary
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    The way a polygraph works is by recording slight changes in the physical body. When a person knows they are lying they will experience these slight changes. If a person has convinced themselves what they are saying is true then the machine will not record changes. Polygraphs are not 100% accurate. In most cases they are not even considered as acceptable evidence in a court of law.

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    Lie detectors are not reliable measures of truth-telling. They don't measure lying, they measure specific physiological response. And this is "filtered" through the subjective interpretation of data by the examiner. That's why they're not permissible as evidence in court. (Well, at least not strong evidence like a finger print.)

    And if someone is deluded he will "pass" a lie detector test because he actually believes in his delusion.

    Personally, I would love to take one, just to test it out and see if I could fool it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i see stuff and hear stuff all the time too, people will never understand untill they go threw it. But yes i would take a lie detector test. I don't know what TAPS is?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'd like to see you get one of your spirits take a lie detector test.

    You could do it wireless. Almost like a ouija board.

  • 1 decade ago

    Not sure what you're babbling on about, but as far as the test; I'd like to own my own lie detector gadget and experiment on it over and over and over again just so I could learn whether they really do work! Must be real expensive. Anybody wannna pitch in? We could all share it, and even start a revolution using it- we could use it on cops, oh- and on Bush! And even on preachers who say they've SEEN God and heaven!!-I'm serious!

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