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Good Mixed Dog Breed?

what is a good breed to mix with an Australian Shepherd, a Labrador, OR a Daschund?

We would like to get a dog that is mixed with one of these breeds.

we don't want a purebred.

Please don't tell me to go to the pound

I already know that and am just looking to do research on breeds to find out what best suits me and my family



ii don't want a purebred dog because they get more health problems

if your not going to answer my question don't bother.

Update 2:

oh and also

how do you think your precious purebreeds started?

by breeding different types of dogs.

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    There is no way to tell which one will be the best mixed with one of those dogs. Genetics are random. You have no idea which traits will be inherited from which dog, good or bad. You could end up with a Lab mix, that is pretty much all lab with maybe a different coloring or you could end up with a complete mix of both dogs.

    Yes, pure breeds have health issues. That's why you go to a reputable breeder who does health checks and knows their lines.

    Mixed breeds can be just as bad. It is possible they can inherit genetic issues that affect both breed. Plus, you don't know their lines.

    Yes, pure breeds started by mixing different dogs. But they were created by selectively breeding many generations for specific traits until they reliably showed up in the offspring. Mixing two first or second generation dogs does not achieve this.

    There is nothing wrong with mixed breed dogs but adopt one instead of encouraging irresponsible breeders.

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    A purebred puppy, a good-bred, cautiously deliberate and reared one must continuously price greater than a mutt. However this present day BYBs are naming their rate, placing a complicated (dull) title on what they're generating, and calling them infrequent rather most of the time. Sadly there are gullible individuals in the market who suppose all this and facet with their rough-earned cash for some thing they're instructed is 'higher'. Provided you uncover a official breeder (as a rule through the important Breed Club), pass consult with and examine the position out, see mum with the muddle and a few adults they've, good judgment must let you know that that is a long way much more likely to provide you a healthful dog. BYBs do not experiment, use inventory initially rejected from a breeder's breeding programme considering the fact that of a massive fault or 2 and so offered as a puppy with the goal it must certainly not reproduce. It concerns to not a BYB re registration, so even though the puppies worried are recommended no longer for breeding, they only pass forward. If you do not in particular desire 'a breed', please undertake from a Shelter and DON'T give a contribution to the revenue of the BYB.

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    If you are not buying the $2000 show dogs or puppy mill dogs, the purebred aussies and labs don't have more health problems.

    I've had aussies for years and no problems. Good herding dogs are not bred for looks and don't have all those problems.

    And it generally doesn't matter what breed is mixed with those to produce a good family dog as long as it's not an aggressive breed. Just find a dog you like.

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    Why would you want to buy a dog that is purposely bred mixed when you can adopt the same kind of dog at a shelter? You are going to end up paying hundreds, maybe thousands on a poorly bred animal. Not to mention what you will pay in vet bills.

    Just go to the shelter, or contact a labrador, australian shepherd, or dachshund rescue.

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    There is literally no way to predict a mutt's personality or appearance. He may have the appearance of an Aussie and the temperament of a Dachshund. He may have the standoffishness of a Dachshund and the herding, nipping instincts of an Aussie. He may have the hyperactivity and destructive tendencies of a Lab and the protectiveness of an Aussie. Who knows?

  • Please do not support the breeding of mutts. And guess what...you should go to your local animal shelter to find a mixed breed dog. It really is best.

    The best way to find whats good for your family is to go to the shelter a couple a times a week, and spend time with different dogs. You'll find the perfect one...

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    I would have to say a lab. I have one full blooded lab, one lab mixed with chow chow and one lab mixed with great dane and let me tell you, they are the best things that ever came into my life! Here is a page all about them and pictures of them!


    Source(s): Labs are the best breed of dog I could ever imagine!
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    Go to the pound, and get a dog....that's one of those mixes.

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    there is no such thing as a good mixed breed. Unless u adopt it and save its life.

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    Labradoodle. Good natured, good with kids. Poodles don't shed fur like other dogs -- if your dog got enough poodle genes, cd be nice. Not as hyper as one of my dachshunds [his brother's laid back], and not as possessive.

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