42 and hip replacement due,any tips on recovery gadgets for the house post op?

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    I've had both hips replaced in separate surgeries. Here's what we did:

    --Put up hand railings on both sides of all our stairs. (They previously had only a railing on one side)

    --Installed a taller toilet fixture in one bathroom (since then, we have equipped a second bath with another tall fixture as we now prefer it to the squatty kind)

    --purchased a set of handles that mounted under the toilet seat (this was left there for 2 years!)

    --purchased a showerhead on a long hose so I could shower seated or without bending over too far. We like this better than the regular fixed showerhead so it's still there!

    As for "gadgets" I found these things very helpful. I couldn't get dressed or undressed without my:

    --dressing stick

    --sock helper

    --long-handled shoe horn

    This equipment was rented:

    --commode that also fit over the toilet. I also used this in the shower a few times - it could double as a seat so I could sit down and shower)


    --crutches and cane (I purchased thewse items)

    Other things I needed:


    --long handled sponge or net brush for washing lower body

    --kneeling bench (for use much later when I needed to get up and down from the ground such as when I gardened)

    --a bag that fit on my walker so I could carry things with me (such as water bottle, portable phone, etc.)

    Some patients also use (but I did not):

    --grab bars installed in strategic locations in bathroom

    --a leg lifter device to assist in lifting the operated leg into bed

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    I'v had 2 hip replacements and am recovering from a revision so I would say that a long handled grabber (litter picker) is essential as you will not be able to bend down and its great for picking things up, reaching stuff, helping you get dressed and scratching your feet when they itch!

    Get a stool for your shower cubicle if you have one and a good non slip bath mat and if theres a steep step to your cubicle a non-slip step is very helpful. Check with your hospital or NHS (are you in UK?) rehab service as they may be able to supply you with all these items - mine did.

    I was searching online for aids as I can now get about to do a bit of housework but still can't bend or kneel and I saw a very handy tray with a carrying handle which would be very useful for carrying stuff when you can use just one crutch rather than 2. Also 'Betterware' do a long handled bathroom cleaner.

    One thing that I have found invaluable is a small table that you can use whilst in an armchair or bed (a bit like the ones that you get in hispital but smaller) as you may find it not very easy to sit up at a table to have meals at first. I use it for my laptop as well.

    I'm sure there are other things butcan't think of any at the moment.

    Good luck with your op.

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    An elevated toilet seat will also be helpful in the weeks after surgery. There is also an Web site for people who are recovering from hip and knee surgery that you might want to check out. People on the site are preparing for or have had hip and knee surgeries and can answer any question you may have: On Our Feet.com (a Delphi Forum). If you cannot reach it, type in Robin's Knee Replacement and go in the back door. Robin has had both hip and knee replacements. Everyone on the site is helpful. They helped me while I was recovering from a total knee replacement. Good luck to you.

    Source(s): On Our Feet.com
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