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why am i not feeling orgasm?

im in a relationship since december 07 , all this time we been having sex and i have never felt an orgasm...i think its my fault ...maybe im doing something wrong but i always here my girlfriends talking about how good it feels and this and that is there anyone that had this problem before?


i just turn pretty frustated

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    No, some women just don't feel them. I've know women aged 60 who never felt an orgasm. I was once the closest male equivalent, I could orgasm only from intercourse. but not from any other source, such as manual, oral, masturbation, etc.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with you. Ask your partner to work with you, no penetrative sex, he needs to spend an hour or more just making you feel good. Again, no pressure to orgasm, just enjoy the nice sensations. The breakthrough moment for me was simulated sex, there was no penetration but my partner and I were in positions, and she stimulated me in such a way it was a very good simulation of intercourse. Since that time I've functioned at a much more normal level.

    Hopefully your partner is understanding and willing to help you through this hurdle.

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    Well maybe the man u are having realations with doesnt know what hes doin or his penis isnt suited 4 ur virgina jus becuz u r havin sex does not mean ur promised a orgasm....Or if u want to reach a orgasm have him play wit ur clit b4 and during sex...Always works 4 me [lol]

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    Try going to an adult store and getting a vibrator. Use it on your clitoris. You can use it know, incorporate it in with foreplay or intercourse. Many women have difficulty with orgasm through vaginal sex only, and need other stimulation. The big O is good...once you have one, sex will take on a whole new meaning. Good luck!

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    There's nothing wrong with you, very many women don't orgasm during sex. Try getting some toys with him like a vibrator and use it before during or after sex.

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    try experimenting by yourself until you do. Its all in the mind and some women really have to put their mind in to it until it finally happens.. and trust me its worth the effort

  • some girls have to rub their who-ha at the same time lol

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    try using sex toys or lube. or maybe youre just not sexually aroused by him

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    Maybe he's not giving you time.

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    stop thinking about other things & consitrate

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    How old are you?

    You're not doing it right.

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