How to access C drive using a vista boot cd command prompt?

I'm trying to access my C drive using a windows vista CD command prompt. I have the command prompt up and everything, but it's stuck in the X drive. When I try to say "cd C:\" or something like that, it doesn't do anything. I have the right permissions and everything, because I can see my files when I try to save a notepad, but it's really important that the command prompt is at the C drive or that some window can be opened in the C drive.

Help is greatly appreciated.


To Potato Technology: I can't. I think you answered my last question about the operating system not working.

Update 2:

Johnny: Tried it.

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    to access the C drive, you have to type simply "c:". The cd command is for changing directories within a drive.

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    Access C Drive

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    C is not a directory, it's a drive. Drop the cd part and type in C:\, you should be at the C:\ pronpt!

  • Why don't you just open up the C drive manually? You do not need a program. And if yo want the files on the X:Drive, drag and drop.

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  • 4 years ago

    I dont think you install Debian on its own partition, you have to install it on the same partition as vista.. 1. If you want to keep your Vista Windows system, select the option that says "Guided - resize the partition and use the freed space". 2. If you want to delete your Vista Windows system, select the option that says "Guided - use entire disk". Remember, if you delete the partition with Debian on it, you will not be able to boot Vista and you will nd up having to re-install Vista Windows

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