Emergency! Need to access hard drive. 10 points!?

Here's my problem; I (being stupid, I know), renamed nvsvc32.exe to nvsvc32.exe.old. Now, system32\config\system is corrupted.

I could go through recovery console, but it's risky, so I need to know; how can I go into the computer's hard drive itself, using the operating system from the cd? I know how to rename it and everything, but I need to rename the old file back to what it was.

If any of you know how, I would be extremely grateful and will give 10 points. Thanks!


Preferably, I would like to have a command prompt pop up allowing me to access the C drive.

Update 2:

Oh yes, please, step by step instructions. I don't know computers in this area that well.

Update 3:

Oh yes, this is Windows XP. The operating system on the hard drive is SP3 but I am using a boot cd in SP1a.

Update 4:

In case this helps, I have a Vista cd, which I know how to access the command prompt with. Since I only need to access the hard drive, and only once, is this a possible solution?

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    this explains it pretty well, but you will need a CD and a CD burner to do it.


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    There are lots of ways to do this, but the recovery console is probably the fastest. Simply renaming the file should work.

    I keep a handy-dandy Bart's Boot disk lying around. It lets me boot XP straight off of a cd. It takes a few minutes, and it's not fully functional, but it lets me fix such a problem in a few minutes in a windows setting. I strongly suggest you download Windows Ultimate Boot CD in the near future to repair such problems.

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    boot with your xp cd

    select repair or something like console

    goto nvsvc32 file location

    rename the file

    restart the computer


    remove your hard disk

    connect it to some other system

    start the computer

    you'll see all your drives there

    goto nvsvc32 file location

    rename the file

    put your hard disk back

  • Don M
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    1 decade ago

    Without sounding smug or being a smart a**, You have corrupted your system by changing the name.

    Never, ever change the name of file that is a system or application file if you don't know EXACTLY what it is and what application it is related to, and what it does.

    You are now in a situation that requires you to Erase and ReInstall the Operating System.

    This is the same thing that happens to users that clean there registry not knowing what they are doing, or thinking they know.

    If you don't know then don't touch it PERIOD.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Download Ubuntu Linux on another computer and install on a CD. You can boot up from it and do whatever you need to, and its a full desktop.

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