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what does 'WebKnight Application Firewall Alert' mean?

i want to go to this website but whenever i click the link off of google it comes up with a page titled 'WebKnight Application Firewall Alert'?????? how can i stop this??? thanks :)


thanks caroline :) but is there anyway i can just go on the site anyway??? thanks

Update 2:

oh yeah sorry, the website is

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  • Techno
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    1 decade ago
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    Which web site are you trying to visit?

    Click the link below for an explanation of WebKnight.

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  • alix
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    3 years ago

    each and every connection u make ur firewall supplies u the main astounding factors with reference to the relationship the two its in or out and this implies that ur going to connect with a distant server with an IP handle sixty one.9.129.158:eighty

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it means the page your trying to view contains viruses.

    viruses aren't safe these days because there's a hacker(s) going around hacking people. this is for your own safety ; :P

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