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Fraud(Class 2 Felony) and Punishment?

I have a question. How much time can one do or what is the maximum sentence for a Fraud Conviction.?

Here is more info........

A friend was picked up by the FBI last year in October for Theft by Government contract.(Medicaid Fraud). On a 20,000 bond. We paid 2,000 and got him out. so now he has an arraignment in Oct. and A trial by jury in Nov.

His story......Got in business with someone who is the owner of the said company that the fraudulent billing took place. He is not the owner yet the department of Attorney General decided to include him as a part owner because he was the one who managed the billing and the patient information which as stated by the Medicaid Investigators, were all stolen and used without the patients knowledge. Making matters worse, Doctors signatures were also fraudulent, meaning someone must have forged those too. The total amount received fraudulently, over 200,000.00. Which i think is a class 2 Felony.

So what are the chances that he will get less time by using the landownership defense as a strategy and get off on maybe probation and some fines? His lawyer keeps telling him that all he will get is a couple of months probation but i disagree.

NOTE:Most of the billing paperwork has his name on it. so he can not say he didn't know what was happening.

So all you lawyers out there help me let him understand that he is in for a long hard ride in jail. what do you all think?

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    Hah...what kind of lawyer does he have? My son's father was charged with theft by contract (residential claim over 5,000 less then 10,000) and was sentenced to 4 yrs in prison. I can't imagine that defrauding the government will get him probation. Since this is a federal crime, he could be looking at many many years..

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    Alle est stupide ta question et ton Anglais minable va te relouqué.

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