Who does Obama think is the bigger enemy. Somali pirates or Americans who are displeased with the tax and?

spend mentality in Washington.


Fred K, so why is he so worried about the Tea parties being "infiltrated" by the likes of Tim McVeigh.

Your boy is scared to death of the American citizen who see through his socialism. A motived grass roots organization can topple Nobama, and he knows it.

Update 2:

karaoke jedi grand master - go play with your action figures, and read his DHS report, before he has his spokesman distance himself from it again.

Update 3:

courtseyflush - what was codepink and moveon and Michael Moore doing?

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    Those who do not agree with his Socialistic plans for this country.

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    Obama is definitely more worried about the Americans who see through his agenda and will not blindly set by and watch him turn America into a socialistic country. Obama must go!

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    I don't think he is concerned about either. The pirate thing has been going on for a long time but now he has people who are going to make changes so it can finally get straightened out.....the tea party, negative people in this country are ones who never listen. They don't understand, no one can explain anything to them. They go along with people who con them so he is not seeing them as an enemy but has very confused, sad, ignorant people. They are harmless. He has to just do what is best for the country. He is a christian & he knows Jesus was treated as bad by people as he is being treated. He just stays focused & keeps going. As a Christian he is to love his enemies. When you do that you really don't have any enemies so I don't think of either as his enemy.EDIT: I am watching the news & I have not seen one thing about the tea parties even on Fox.

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    1 decade ago

    He is clearly more worried about dissent. That's why his administration now calls actual terrorist attacks something as innocuous as "man-made disasters." Meanwhile United States Citizens who (a) support small government, (b) own guns, or (c) adhere to conservative values are being called militia members and terrorists.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Somali pirates are more dangerous.

    Those speaking out against taxes are being patriotic Americans by speaking out about their displeasure. Just like those who spoke out against the war were being patriotic Americans.

    The funny thing is that those speaking out against the taxes call those speaking out against the war unAmerican even though those speaking out against the war are not calling those speaking out against taxes unAmerican.

  • republicans are the biggest enemy

  • 1 decade ago

    Americans who are displeased with the tax

    They are his real enemy!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He's afraid of all of the people who are protesting today since WE are not bowing down and kissing his feet.

    Barry wants to sit down and talk with terrorists.

    Source(s): Barry is a DWEEB!
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    Well, I do know who can take him down the soonest.. and it is pirates.

    People will vote him out so fast his head will spin if he doesn't smarten up.

  • Well; That's about the easiest friggin' question of the day to answer - He had the Somali pirates killed; And he's just shrugging off you fringers' little tea parties like the rest of us - So which do YOU think he thought was the bigger enemy?!?!

    Source(s): Be thankful that some people are smarter than you - Or you wouldn't enjoy the continued luxury of breathing...
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