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Somali pirates vow to kill American sailors. Your thoughts?

Edit: Here's an excerpt from a 25 year old Somali pirate.

"We will seek out the Americans and if we capture them we will slaughter them," said a 25-year-old pirate based in the Somali port of Harardhere who gave only his first name, Ismail.

"We will target their ships because we know their flags. Last night, an American-flagged ship escaped us by a whisker. We have showered them with rocket-propelled grenades," boasted Ismail, who did not take part in the attack.


Maybe I'm wrong but this would be an excellent job for "Black Water." Killing Somali pirates. Bill Clinton vowed that American troops would never again step foot on Somali soil unless it was in the special interest of the United States of America.

I'm not saying that our military should necessarily engage in a ground war with these thugs; our ships should continue to sail the high seas with a show of serious force, being armed to the teeth, ready to kill on sight. Stop using Diplomacy and start using International Sanctions.


"Black Water doesn't have a Navy." Yes of course; have you ever heard of "Embarked Troops?"

Update 2:

Sanctions on Somalia's government that's who.

Update 3:

President Obama vowed to confront piracy head on; abeit he didn't say "how" he would do it. If he doesn't have a plan, then he really needs to start talking with his Cabinet, and the Joint Chiefs Of Staff. Especially the Chairman of the JCS.

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    My understanding is that Blackwater is one of the private firms that shipping companies are already hiring for protection against piracy. ∠°)

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    People can question the intelligence of starting a war with America, but they cannot question the guts of those Somali terrorists. You have to have some balls to keep coming after us after the precise and easy way we dispatched with three of them the other day.

    Ron Paul i perhaps the only thing he has said or done in my life that I agree with suggested using an old provisional power in the Constitution that allows nonmilitary citizens to hunt pirates in international waters for a bounty. Even though there is a plan in place that would use special forces and eliminate the pirates inside of 3 weeks, I still prefer not to extend or stretch out our forces any more.

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    Black Water doesn't have a navy.

    This is a repercussion to how last week's standoff was resolved. While I'm glad to see the captain of that ship return safely, the ante has been upped, and now pirates will not find hostage's lives to be that valuable of a commodity.

    "Bill Clinton vowed that American troops would never again step foot on Somali soil unless it was in the special interest of the United States of America."

    That's because he was a naive idiot that didn't allow the military to do its job properly, and he turned tail and ran when it didn't work out for him. Several years later, the Ethiopian Army raided Mogadishu successfully. If Ethiopia can do it, you know the US can.

    "Stop using Diplomacy and start using International Sanctions."

    International Sanctions on.... who exactly? These pirates aren't a sovereign nation.

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    For the amount of money that these insurance companies pay to the

    pirates for the release of their ships (and I believe were talking millions of

    dollars per ship), I feel that this money could go to better use in providing

    security for,at least our ships, by hiring a company like Black Water or

    whom ever to see to the safe passage of U.S. flagged ships in waters that are deemed "Pirate infested" where ever these waters may be located. In the past this country leaned that to deal these sorts was at the end of cannon shot and sword and it worked. These may be modern times but the principle remains the same, Pirating is pirating no matter how you look at it and sooner or later people will be killed by these pirates.

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    During World War Two, Even Freighters Were Armed to The Teeth! If Americans, regardless of their Race Don't Recognize that this is an Attack on FREEDOM and FREE ENTERPRISE, at sea and at Home then...bomb them into the Stone Age. OUR Lives Are Just as Precious as Theirs. Might I again Remind You of 9/11 and How they Got in? They Are Terrorists and Don't Care About Skin Color and Gender. As, Americans We should Stop Being Divisive over it and Unite as One! To Hell with Political Correctness.

    Secure the Borders and to Hell with Diplomacy! Protect the Second Amendment!

    Source(s): NRA blessedcause.org NumbersUSA.com The Bill of Rights and United States Constitution
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    Somalia's government ha.

    Black Water use for protecting all vessels would be sooo expensive.

    They dare kill an American citizen and it's on, the problem is what to do until then.

    Blockading Somalia would be expensive and some would argue it's illegal.

    It's a big issue, that kind of activity, and hard to get around without spending a sh*tload of money.

    But if they do something big against Americans again you can be sure it will not be pretty. .

    Source(s): maybe we can send Jason Bourne to shoot Ismail. .
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    Engage the pirates on the high seas at their own peril. This speaker is naive. He is dangerous in that he sounds as if he has nothing to protect. Therefore loss of life is not high on his agenda. He should be accommodated.

    Escort and decoy ships should be sent to the area to await the attacks of the pirates. "Rules of Engagement" on the high seas will be similar to the response to Adolph Hitler. US Marines and US Navy personnel will gain supremacy. Unsafe shipping is not acceptable.

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    Does anyone else see how ridiculous their statement is?

    Pirates, who have attacked, kidnapped and killed sailors, are threatening to attack and kill sailors because we killed three of their own.

    They are threatening us with business as usual.

    How exactly do you put sanctions against a nation with an ineffective government, and conducts virtually no trade.

    Ismail needs to come up against an armed ship's crew, and then decide whether or not piracy is worth it.

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    Forget sanctions.

    All ships should be armed and when the idiots show up and fire or throw grenades or try to embark, they should be shot on sight. Screw them and diplomacy.

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    We should bomb them into the stone age. And Iran while we are at it. Turn the rocks into pebbles and the pebbles into sand.


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