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Why are the Somali pirates threatening to kill Americans? No hostages, no ransom right?

April 13 (Bloomberg) -- Somali pirates vowed to target American and French ships to avenge the death of five colleagues in two recent rescue operations, including the freeing of a U.S. captain yesterday.

“France and the U.S. will encounter unforgettable lessons,” Mohamed Hashi Yasin, a self-declared pirate spokesman, said by mobile phone from the port town of Eyl. “We will treat every country as they treat us.”

U.S. snipers yesterday killed three Somali pirates and rescued a U.S. ship captain who had been held for five days aboard a lifeboat. Two days earlier, French snipers killed two Somali pirates and commandos stormed a captured yacht to arrest three others and free four French hostages. One hostage died in that operation.

“We will take quick revenge on American ships if we don’t receive apologies,” Yusuf Mohamed Mahdi, who identified himself as a pirate commander, said in a separate telephone interview today from Eyl. “We will not only target ships and crew in the sea, but also American agencies’ staff in Somalia.”

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  • Alion
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    They want revenge for the deaths of their comrades killed during the rescue of Richard Phillips. Of course it wouldn't have happened if he wasn't taken hostage in the first place. The Somali pirates,like most criminals,don't seem to have much of a grasp of the concept of actions

    having consequences.

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    I'm a hard core Obama fan, but I'm inclined to gig him for not sending in the marines to totally dismantle this pirate enterprise. I believe it was President Jefferson who sent the US navy and marines to North Africa...the shores of put an end to the piracy of Barbary Coast. We did it before, we should do it now. I'm sure there are some political considerations involved, but in the end we can't allow criminals to be the final word on the high seas. I did send Barack a letter concerning this, and evidently we do have warships patrolling the are the Brits, the French, the Russians and the Chinese. Still, a marine landing that ends with the total destruction of these pirate enclaves seems like a better idea then just hoping to intercept these latter day Capt. Hooks.

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    Because last year, they got away with seizing 160 ships--none of them American.

    And because of this, they thought they could seize an American one and not suffer the consequences.

    Should they start killing Americans, it will be considered an act of war. And they will rue the day that they were born.


    Do you honestly think that the poor pirates are being allowed to keep the millions and millions of dollars that they are getting for the ransomed ships?


    There's something bigger and more sinister going on. Somebody else is calling the shots.

    If the captain were your loved ones, wouldn't you have wanted him to be rescued by any means necessary?

    President Obama and the Navy Seals were great!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    We need to wipe out the Pirate strongholds in Somalia with Massive overwhelming Military Force.

    We know where the Pirate strongholds are and we know where the Pirate leaders live.

    We should take them out with air strikes now.

    Thomas Jefferson faced this problem with the Barbary Pirates over 200 years ago.

    The Barbary Pirates were hijacking American ships and demanding ransom.

    In response, Thomas Jefferson ordered the Marines into North Africa to kill all of the Barbary Pirates.

    That eliminated the problem of Piracy for over 200 years.

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  • Max50
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    1 decade ago

    They have to save face.

    They have to look tough to their people or they will be over thrown.

    I find it funny how Yusuf think we should apologize to them for taking our ship.

    They broke the law and they need to pay the price.

    I never thought I say this but I like the French standing up to the the terrorists too.

  • Bryan
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    1 decade ago

    It is posturing. "Leave us alone or we will kill you". It is time the world stood together and shut down this threat to free commerce on the high seas. My thought on this is simple. Go ahead and start killing because it will only hasten your own demise as you make the situation impossible to ignore by any nation which engages in seagoing transport of goods.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yusuf is making his move to become the big man in Somalia. The U.N. should declare piracy an international crime, it may well be one already, and authorize the shipping lines to blow these criminals out of the water, on sight.

  • 1984
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    1 decade ago

    President Obama and leaders of other nations should send in heavily armed decoys amongst the other merchant ships. When the pirates approach, they should be obliterated. Maybe then these Somali maniacs will start to think twice about their pirating careers.

    Edit - who would give this answer a thumbs down - Do we have Somalis out there? WTF!

  • 1 decade ago

    Americans have been a target for a long while.

    They see us as weak.

    There was a time in our history when the thought of us retaliating would have deterred things like this. Now we bow down to so many other countries.

    We need to say ENOUGH and act in our/Americas best interest and screw the rest of the world. If they can't stand up for themselves it is NOT our business.

  • logan
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    1 decade ago

    That reminds me of the home intruders who get shot by the owner of the house and then sue for their injuries.

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