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How long will Obama let 3 idiot pirates in a rubber raft hold an American hostage?


What part of "We don't negotiate with terrorists" do Liberals not understand? By holding a hostage and threatening to kill him, they have become terrorists.

Update 2:

If Liberals don't want Americans killed by pirates, then they should not have ignored the problem for so long. It's amazing we haven't had people killed already. Stop treating pirates like teenagers jacking cars. People are going to get killed.

Update 3:

Scottdman2003: Obama has already screwed it up.

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    I agree with you. Obama thinks that this calls for a town hall meeting, a stern one. Forget the UN, our no so last best hope for peace, go to the top - Jay Leno at 11:30 pm. Turn this over to the tough guy Rahm Emanuel, he thinks he can handle Republicans, pirates should be no problem. A parachute rescue mission using ACORN commandos, fresh from stunning victories over AIG execs and their wives and children, might be considered. And don’t forget David Axelrod, a guy who knows how to follow the path the media has laid down for him. Above all Mr Obama, the ultimate weapon, your teleprompter, show no mercy ! And remember to keep turning your head from side to side, that physical punctuation mark that suggests gravity. Oh, and Mr. Obama, don’t poo your pants, because it isn’t all taking about the economy. o_O

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    These answers are interesting. Have liberals and obamites never heard of snipers and heat sensors? The Seals have all kinds of gear and training that would enable them to take out those pirates from a distance w/out harming the hostage. They don't just use bowie knives and garrotes, our Seals make use of the best, most technologically advanced weaponry available.

    But they (liberals and Obama) like to pretend we still live back in the stone ages and that negotiation or death of the hostage are the only options.

  • Anonymous
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    To be ordinary, i think of u . s . a . has a reason to commence a conflict with yet another u . s . now. those Somali pirates ought to discover a greater effective thank you to make a residing. I additionally kinda do no longer blame them cuz there somewhat is not any incorrect thank you to make a residing once you're that desperate. i think of Obama will furnish yet another fancy speech that's promising and interior the top, there will be no decision as generally going on. case in point, Obama keeps asserting bearing directly to the financial gadget "we face some difficult circumstances, yet we, the human beings of u . s . a . ought to pull at the same time and....blahahaha" What comprehensive BS. i do no longer think of Obama will do something. he's not used to achieving objectives. As for the hostages, hang in there. this is all we are able to assert today.

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    Obama started screwing our sovereignty as a nation by going soft on terrorism. Look at his family history, especially Kenya. He campaigned in 2006 in Kenya for his cousin to become president. His cousin stated he would enact sharia law, which shows an element that is akin to islamic extremists a.k.a. islamic terrorist. All of Obama's buddies are anarchist. The old saying is "You are defined by the company you keep." Or "if you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas." In the past few weeks Obama has done more than any other president to set the stage (or sell us out) to policies of appeasement, being soft on policies of state, having the U.N. have power over the laws of the United States.

    I can't believe in all the people that were for him didn't bother to check out Obama's history. And liberals, all they want is a free ride and everything to be owned by the government, doled out to the masses. Even a 1 world government where the U.N. can tell everybody what to do.

    In answer to your question, the U.S. will enter negotiations with these terrorist, oops- I mean criminals (according to Hillary). These negotiations. We'll probably take only a couple weeks with the U.S and the U.S. military providing aid to those 3 or 4 idiot pirates and of coarse we have to watch out to protect their civil rights. And then there will probably be a meeting with the terrorist, oops- I mean leaders, to see how the U.S. can help them. After all, this situation, according to Obama, is not an act of terrorism, but a Man made disaster.

    Source(s): my opinion and what I have heard on the national news
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    I hear what you're saying, But honestly? I don't want Obama to even lay a hand on this one. He'd screw it up for sure.

    Let the Navy and FBI handle it.

    As far as handling the pirates as a whole? Obama never will. They're his brethren.

    Personally I think we ought to locate and blow all pirate ops bases to h e l l.

    But Obama won't do it. He's too much of a wimp.

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    Yes, have the president second-guess the FBI hostage negotiators, that's exactly what I want a president to do.

    How about the next time a bird strike downs a plane, he radios the pilot to tell him how to land in the river?

    4/12 - We got our answer today. "Obama twice approved force to rescue hostage". I hope you're satisfied with his leadership.

  • Anonymous
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    as long as his idiot as wants.. you know how easy it would be to rescue him? send 3 navy seals swimming to the raft underwater put a few bullets in their heads, they save an american become the unknown heroes for doing so, the end. Obama is just a jackass.. and you are damn right "We don't negotiate with terrorists"

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    Uh, yeah, um, hey fellow douchebags, you know, this is all Bush's fault! And the Repugnicans too! These poor Somalis, ravaged by years of Bush wars that also killed millions of innocent Iraqis, have nowhere else to turn for help. This is their cry for help to the international community! We should be giving them millions or billions to help them! Then they won't have to turn to this shameful violence!

    Don't you fools on the other side understand any of this?

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    Well, if they just charge in the American hostage will surely be killed, so hopefully long enough to negotiate his release without anyone getting hurt.

  • Anonymous
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    these are not idiots these are dangerous people who will kill the hostage if you just rush in. this is not a film it is you that is talking like an idiot

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