When I go Japan can I become a buddhist monk?

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I am going japan in September and I was wondering if I can do anything to be offically a buddhist over there, like a ceremoney or something?
Update : I mean I dont want to be a monk, but if I became serious id love to be ...show more
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  • P'ang answered 5 years ago
Yes, you might well be able to take the Five Precepts at a temple in Japan - depending on how long you stay and on your relationship to the abbot of the temple at which you study.

The following article lists temples (including addresses and phone numbers) that will train Western students.

You can expect at least some English to be spoken at these temples. The article also contains information about what to expect as a newcomer to Japanese Buddhism.

Best wishes for your trip!

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Thank you!
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  • Tired Guy answered 5 years ago
    Buddhism were first practiced in India(seriously)
    If you want to see a monk(in japan),buy a map over there(local map would be the best) and look for a sign with a reverse swastika,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swastika
    in japan swastika represent the temple or something so follow the map.Ask if you could be one.
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  • LillyB answered 5 years ago
    Well start practising then and stop looking for a cheap way of using Buddhism as some sort of fashon item. For a small measure of peace then be peaceful and if you wish to help others then do so.
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  • I'm skyclad answered 5 years ago
    Your best bet would be to talk to Buddhist over there. They will point you in the right direction.
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  • psyha answered 5 years ago
    it may take time to become a monk
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  • Lance answered 5 years ago

    declare your wish to be buddhist in Tibet.
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