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Can any explain the spurious "text to voice" messages I'm getting from 07953966066?

Firstly let me say that this is happening in the UK.

Well, the message usually says something like "you received a message, call 07953966066". I've been receiving them occasionally on my home land line and on my mobile phone. I'm not sure if it's a scam of some sort. Anyway, I found that there is a free phone BT number to phone to regulate the times you receive and don't receive these messages (regardless of whom your land line provider is by the way) on your land line which is 0800 587 5252. I decided to go for option 5 so my phone won't receive them. But this still hasn't explained to me why I've been getting these messages on both my land line and mobile phone. I did, before this, occasionally get "text to voice" messages from my sister to my land line. I think that something strange has happened and that my land line and mobile have become associated together by the "text to voice" service people. But it's not clear to me which company operates this 07953966066. Anyone got the explanation?

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    Anyone with a mobile can send a text message to a land or mobile phone. In the case of the home phone which in many cases isn't text enabled you will recieve the text in voice. There are numbers set up to send messages informing you of this little known about service

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    Hi, I put the number 07953966066 into google, there are a lot of posts about it, looks like it is a scam - although I haven't read them all. Give it a go.

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