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So I took a pregnancy test and it said...?

Negative. AF is due today and so why did I get a negative? I didnt use my first morning urine... could that be why? I also sometimes have a 23-31 day cycle. so many my period isnt a 28 cycle this month. What do you think? too early or am I really not pregnant? I have been dizzy, nausea, peeing more, and cramps on and off.

The test was worth $4 but I also bought two pregnancy sticks that are '' first response". I am going to take those if my period is one week late.

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    Wait until your period is a week late....

    Best Wishes..

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    Good luck. It could be that you tested too early or that you just aren't pregnant. I'd wait a week or at least two days to test again. If you don't get a positive, but still think that you are pregnant, call your Doctor to get a blood test which is more accurate and can confirm sooner.

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  • 3 years ago

    I trust anticipating in would 2009. digital assessments are the main suitable. In 7 months of attempting to conceive I spent over $200 on the in many situations occurring attempt. i ultimately offered a digital attempt and it advised me flat out that i became "Pregnant".! good success!!

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