attaction to female friend?? help please...ill take any advise!!!?

ok i posted a question related to this a couple of days a go but now the situation has changed. Im an almost 15 year old girl and im bi. The problem i face is that i am realy attracted to a close female friend of mine at school. I have decided that moving our friendship to anything else will most likely ruin it so i wont for that sake and losing her as a friend all together. But over the last few days she has been texting me at night for a few hours, this is not a problem or something that i wish for to stop as i really like her, but i am now very confuzed as she started adding loads of kisses to the end of the texts, this is something she has never done on texts to me before and has suddenly began to do ( i even checked previous texts from her to make sure i was not wishing so much that she likees me more than a friend) also she has been adding those heart symbols, kiss smileys and winking smileys...i just dont know what to do or think although this made me attracted to her. Also i learnt today that she has kissed and has sexual encountrers with other girls, but i dont know anything more than this like what the cirumstances were and how far things went or even if she enjoyed as you can imgine im very confuzed and just dont know what to do, i am thinking that maybe talking with her about how i feel, but im very shy and also scared as i dont know how or what to say....i remember when i told her i was bi, it was a few weeks back, she thought i was joking, i donk know if she believes if im bi...

thanks everyone, just say if i missed something out...

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  • Caz
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    1 decade ago
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    Stop getting distracted by this girl at school and instead concentrate on your punctuation and grammar. This is pretty much unreadable!

  • 5 years ago

    Do not let him intimidate you. As long as he knows he can do that there is going to be a fourth, fifth, sixth, and so on times. show some self confidence even if you don't have it. This should put him in a situation where he will question whether or not his strike backs are affecting you. If his self answer is no, then eventually he'll stop what he's doing.

  • 1 decade ago

    It sounds like she has cottoned onto the fact you like girls, and is either (a) into it and is starting a flirty relationship with you, if so, flirt back subtly and allow her to let you know she's into it

    or (b) she knows you like girls and likes the idea of you fancying her, even though she's straight.

    Best to give it a few weeks, see how the texting thing pans out, hang out together.

    If it fades away, you still have your friend, and a lifetime of new people to look forward to meeting.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    dear go ahead and tell her ...go go girlie atleast you will be out of that confused mode and if she is your true friend and straight then also she will be your fren and your mind will be free from all these thoughts, and you can concentrate on other things :)rite baby

    so go ahead :) cheers

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