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What's a rough estimate for Utility Bills for a 1 bed flat?

Ok probably a weird question but I'm looking into buying my first home at the mo n want a rough idea on what my monthly bills would cost on a 1 bed flat.





etc just to give me a rough guide on whether i can afford to live if i went for it.

Hope someone can help ... Thanx

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    This is not a simple question.

    You've given no indication of:

    - What type of house/flat it is.

    - The region where the house is.

    - What the temperature range is locally.

    - The cost per unit of electricity (ideally from a range of suppliers).

    - Standing charges (if applicable).

    - What type of heating the house has.

    - Is it well insulated.

    - What you can afford.

    - What everyone around this property is paying (on average)

    - Whether there are any changes pending in utility rates

    - What is the area like for petty crime.

    Do a bit of research and find these things out yourself.

    Of course I could just lift my pinky to my mouth in the style of Dr Evil and say, "one Hundred Billion dollars..." that makes as much sense!

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    I just moved into mine in December......

    My gas and electric are £50 together on direct debit each month

    My water is £20

    I haven't got my insurance yet but if its contents only you wouldn't be looking to pay more then £80-100 for the year,

    Also don't forget your T.V licence which is around £120 for the year,

    Hope this helps, good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hello. Me and my partner lived in a one bedroom flat last year and we paid £40 for gas and electric and £30 for water and £15 for insurance.

    Hope this helps

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    gas 9, elec 10, water 4, ins 3, all per week, uk, depending on suppliers and if dual fuel for gas/elec

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    £140 a month altogether approx

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