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who would win The Last Emperor Fedor Emelianenko or The Legend Bruce Lee?

fedor is the currently the top dawg in mma and is practically undefeated...

Lee said he could beat any man alive chuck norris himself admitted that lee was the strongest and fastest fighter alive!!!

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    "fedor is the currently the top dawg in mma"- um, NO!

    This is a seriously ridiculous, not to mention disrespectful question. Bruce Lee would be 69 yrs. old if he was still alive; and I'd still bet on Lee at age 69, against Fedor in his prime (now)... much less if Lee was still about 30. Bruce Lee is the father of modern (especially american) martial arts, which has spawned everything from jeet-kun-do to cardio-kickboxing to mma. Fedor is an over-rated, very UNPROVEN mixed martial artist with a base in sambo (a form of wrestling, not martial arts). No disrespect to Fedor- he is PROBABLY the best HvyWt. in the world today- but the diff. between Fedor and Lee is that all u can say to describe Fedor is PROBABLY; while Lee is DEFINITELY, UNEQUIVICALLY, INCOMPARABLY the greatest martial artist and martial arts teacher/philosopher of all time. Weight classes or not, street fight or mma match- doesn't matter: Fedor would never get close enough to Lee to land a blow... much less a takedown, ground & pound, or submission attempt. Again- no offense to Fedor, as he is PROBABLY the best HvyWt. in mma today; but until he proves it against some top competition- he hasn't EARNED my respect, and doesn't even belong in the top lb. 4 lb. rankings... much less to even be mentioned in the same breath as the great Bruce Lee. If I would give any mma star(s) a fighting chance against Bruce- it'd be either George St. Pierre, Anderson Silva, and/or Royce Gracie (in his prime, not now). To be realistic- these guys have PROVEN to be the best, by beating the best.... and even then, those guys would be underdogs. Fedor has beaten NOBODY of significance in years; he only fights washed up, waaay past their prime "former ufc champs" to pad his record and sell ppv's. No offense to Fedor- but he was losing to Arlovsky by points before Arlovsky inexplicably abandoned his winning strategy and threw that ridiculous flying knee (and maybe the fight?) On the other hand- GSP and Silva have both not only beaten, but dominated top 10 opponents in the past year, and are still begging for more competition... can Fedor say the same? For all the hype- the mma world will pretty much agree to consensus that Fedor's best challenge at HvyWt. would be either Frank Mir (who I'd personally rank above Fedor) or Brock Lesnar- neither of whom (again, no disrespect; I'm a big fan of both those guys) would be worthy to carry Bruce Lee's jock strap. So by that logic- Brock Lesnar could beat Bruce Lee? Um- NOOO! I don't think Brock is even that confident in himself. Chuck Norris was one of Lee's students- and even Chuck didn't think Chuck Norris (in his prime) was any match for Bruce Lee... so who could be? Sorry if this is a long answer, and comes off harsh; but to even entertain the idea that Fedor (or prob. any mma fighter, for that matter) could take Bruce Lee in ANY style fight, is ridiculous and absurd. All that said- Bruce Lee was a purist; and prob. wouldn't be a big fan of mma anyway. On the other hand- he did combine several martial arts to create jeet-kun-do- so maybe Lee was actually the original father of mixed martial arts too?

    Source(s): 1st deg. blk belt: ITF/WTF Tae Kwon-Do former asst. instructor: Unified tae Kwon-Do former all-state (Fla) h.s. wrestler 2 amateur mma fights (1-1, both by decision)
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    Fedor hands down.

    Bruce Lee was a VERY fit man, a real physical prodigy but if you think he could take on Fedor Emelianenko, a man who took down 6'8" Tim sylvia in 33 seconds then you're crazy. Fedor is a waaay more experienced fighter than Bruce Lee was.

    This question serves no purpose.

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    actually in regards to chuck norris's comments

    "Fedor is the best and greatest fighter and Martial Artist of all time"

    -Chuck Norris

    Sports-Express, December 2007 interview

    lee was an actor who has developed a cult like following(many of which believe feats which violate the laws of physics were performed by lee, or esteem very ordinary feats as special) fedor is a fighter who has developed a devoted following, but between their skills there is no comparison, in a fight, fedor would win however he wanted to

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    Bruce Lee is amazingly skilled.

    Fedor Emelianenko is amazingly skilled.

    Bruce Lee was 5'7" and weighed 135 lb.

    Fedor is 6'0" and weighs 230 lb.

    (Very, very) generously assuming that Bruce has a considerable skill advantage, and even with his inarguable speed advantage in mind, the poor guy would still get stomped. With some retraining, Bruce would do very well in the bantamweight or flyweight divisions of modern mixed martial arts, but taking on a remarkably skilled man who has a hundred points on him is not something that would go well for him.

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    Fedor would win, bruce lee was a legend martial artist but he wasnt the fighter Fedor is, Fedor is a fighter, Bruce lee is a martial artist. Fedor has got weight and reach advantage, he would catch bruce lee and submit him

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    Fedor. he more than doubles Bruce Lee's weight and has more combat fighting experience.

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    Bruce only fought with no rules & he created his style around that idea, has fedor won street fights with skilled fighters & won? I'm not dissing fedor (he is my favourite mma fighter next to bas rutten) but mma and street fighting are 2 very different things

    Source(s): 10 years fighting 7 years martial arts
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    Bruce Lee was not a competitive fighter. He was the equivalent to the Jackie Chan of Kung-Fu/martial arts/Action films. Stop being ignorant.

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    Hmmm....Lees physical fitness was unmatched and even by to days standards. He used to have a barbel equal to his own weight which he could hold straight armed in front of him for 'extended periods of time'!

    He would also take into account different tactics for different types of fighters and he was obsessed with martial arts and training. He was incredibly quick both hands and i would say that Feodor would get a jab to the nose and then a (high) side kick under the chin.

    Bruce was at a seminar once, he asked a black belt to help him demonstrate his speed/ability...Bruce told the black belt (karate) that he was going to hit him either in the face or stomach...Bruce stood six feet away and told the guy to block his punch-bruce made contact (didn't want to hurt the guy) 8 times out of 9 Punch's!! From six feet!!

    He was very quick-very smart-very strong-very healthy.

    Lee would most likely win. But this is fighting, all it takes is one good punch at the right time and it could be any ones win.

    Bruce had to move to the US because of the trouble he got into with the police in his country-he was known as a 'bullly' and would always be getting into street fights-no ref,

    They say every town has a hair salon and a church and a martial arts centre-before bruce there was just a salon and a church! He used to teach anyone regardless of race-which upset the chinese community BIG TIME. He was ordered to fight for the right to teach anyone he wants (if he won) The best fighter was found to fight bruce...the fight consisted of alot of running (around the 'dojo' and in and out of the building until bruce grabed him and made him submit-so much for the best fighter! He won the right to teach anyone he wanted.

    Afterwards Bruce was looking pissed off sitting on the steps outside-He said that it took him far too long to catch the other martial artist-which is why Bruce started to train and develop himself and also the time he created JKD.

    Bruce was a real street fighter-which was common where he was from to have real fights-NO REFS and he was in trouble with the police a lot because of it.

    Source(s): I'm a martial arts fan...I know this stuff.
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    I say Bruce Lee because was good at martial arts but also he did a lot of exercise strength training etc. Bruce Lee had a lot of power, speed and strength. He probably would of mastered ground fighting and tried to perfect it more. I think Fedor would have trouble dealing with his lighting kicks and powerful and fast hands.

    Source(s): If his one inch punch was powerful, then what would happen if he kicked and punched some with all his strength and power.
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