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How do I fix my eating disorder?

I am 15 and I weigh around 103-105 pounds. I have this huge problem which is eating disorder. I would say Im buillimic and Im scared to drink any liquids because Im afraid of weight gain. I way myself about 15 times a day at least. When I tell my mom that I am afraid to drink liquids she tells me only crazy people are like that and your not crazy. She doesn't know that I have a scale because I bought it behind her back.

All I want to do is get better and to stop weighing myself. What should I do? If I start drinking fluids on a regular basis will my weight stay the same? Im scared if I drink anything my weight is going to be permantly stuck like that. Please Help Me!

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    I too suffered with an intense fear of liquids. but if you get really dehydrated from lack of fluids you will end up in the hospital on ivs and you gain alot from that. I know from experience. if you want to talk further you can email me at love to help you!


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    Life is hard at times and the first step is telling yourself that you noticed you have a problem and you want to fix it. Sometimes you need to seek professional help because you don't want to hurt your body along the way because you said you have an eating disorder and if all a sudden you eat a big meal your body well go in shock mode meaning that your stomach well feel not so well after eating, talk to a trusted adult you trust at school a guidance consular well be a good start tell her everything and she or he well help you as much as the person can, and part of life is loving your body nourishing your body and not worrying about your weight being thin is not necessary mean you are health person. Throw away magazines and any other bad media that is telling you loss Weight now ETC.. Good luck and my thoughts are with you get well and get better soon <3 Love and take care.

    E-mail/Yahoo IM me

    Your friend Margarita <3

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    congratulations for admitting your problem and being willing to seek help. the best thing to do right now is tell your mother about your eating disorder and ask her to take you to a doctor or psychologist who can help you. try to explain to her that you're not crazy, and try to tell her why you feel the way you do about food and how she can help you. tell her how important it is that she support you and try to understand your disorder. if necessary, give her a few books or websites that explain eating disorders properly.

    your next step is to get yourself to your doctor and get a recommendation for a psychologist, eating disorder specialist and nutritionist. be prepared to answer a lot of questions honestly about yourself, your eating disorder and pretty much anything that could relate to your eating habits.

    start to increase your calories slowly. try adding about two hundred calories per day, so that you gradually become accustomed to eating more. the same thing could be done for drinking liquids. at first, only a little bit, then a little more the next day, until you feel comfortable drinking normal amounts.

    dehydration can be really serious and can mess up your electrolytes and cause tons of other health problems. you may gain a little (no more than two or three pounds) when you start drinking again, but it's all water weight. none of it is fat, it's just the water your body needs. it will not be permanently stuck there, and if you were to stop drinking liquids again, it would go away within about two days.

    also, try to weigh yourself only once per day so that you don't become even more paranoid and freaked out by the number on the scale. i know that's really difficult. i used to weigh myself all the time, too, until i was forced not to know my weight for three weeks while i was in the hospital, and now i just weigh myself once per week. it would probably be best to start just weighing yourself in the morning, because that's when your weight is most accurate.

    good luck with your recovery. as someone who is currently in recovery for an eating disorder, i can tell you that it's a very difficult thing to go through, but keep your goal of recovery in mind and things will get easier. if you have any more questions at all, or need someone to discuss recovery with, you can email me at

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    Bullemic means that you force yourself to throwup or you purposely take laxatives to get rid of waste. It sounds like you more have self-esteem issues that you may need to work out with a professional. Before getting a therapist on your own you can speak to a school counellor which are very good at dealing with those issues an dmost schools even have certified psychologists that are there for your assistance. They may help you talk to your mother about these issues and may tell you to see a therapist on a regular basis to help you see that there is nothing wrong with you and a nutritionist will be able to work with you on exactly what your body needs and how you gain weight and how to maintain your weight to stay healthy. Good Luck!

    Source(s): I study psychology
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  • Anonymous
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    Hi hun

    i am suffering from this like you :(

    its so very hard, isn't it.

    i am so afraid to even drink water! and i throw up every thing i eat (which is very little)

    If you want to, we can support each other through this, just send me a message.

    i hope the light shines upon you and you get better!


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