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What is a Bogey Competition?

I have a competition coming up in easter, its called a Bogey Competition... What is that, Whats the rules??? I know what a medal is, a stableford is etc. But what is a bogey Competition.

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    A form of stroke play in which players play against a fixed score at each hole. Scored as in match play with the winner being the most holes.

    So from that, if the fixed score is bogey on every hole, getting par or better is winning, bogey is halfing, and double bogey or worse is losing.

    Source(s): Did a search for bogey competition. The rules may be different where you play though.
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    Bogey Competition Golf

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    You pick your nose and each flick the outcome and the one who lands nearer to the hole or sticks to the pin is the winner.

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    biggest, longest, fastest :D

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