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how come none of the immediate royal family ever die of cancer or any other horrible disease?

i know they used to but they all live to a good old age now, im only on about the main ones, it makes me wonder if there is a secret cure for cancer but its kept for them, maybe to keep the population down.


like i said IMMEDIATE royals, also margret was a heavy drinker and smoker, im not anti royal it just seems like they dont suffer like joe public.

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    they have the best doctors money can but and the best food and a good cooks to prepare it for them. If anything they should be more prone to illness than you or i because they are inbred

  • Rubym
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    I don't know, King George, Queen Elizabeth's father had lung cancer, I believe, but I do think he was a heavy smoker.

    Could it be a good side effect of all those centuries of inbreeding? Maybe there just is not a lot of genes there for breast, colon or other cancers linked to genetics. And I don't know in other royal families (all related to the British family) in Scandinavia, etc.

    I don't think any cure for cancer is being kept from the world. I think if a disease is in a family and cousins marry cousins for a thousand years or more, it is increased many times. But if a gene is not there, then it is less likely to occur unless it is random (and it could happen)

    And probably simple, non-life threatening things that are cared for by Castle physicians are not released to the public.

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    They do. The immediate Royal family is fairly small. The present Queen's father died of Lung Cancer. Most of the immediate Royal family are still quite young.

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    They grow all their own vegetables organically and probably do not eat the highly processed foods that your average Joe consumes, and as others have already said, they can afford the best healthcare and live relatively stress free existences.

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  • Johnny
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    Very few aristocrats live to 100. Lord Shinwell and the Queen Mother are the only two I can think of.

    Plenty of Royals have had horrible diseases.

    They also have the best cure for cancer:

    They have access to top quality nutrition in their youth and top medical care in their old age.

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    The last member of the Royal Family to die from cancer was our late Sovereign HM King George VI.

    There is a cheap and easy way for anyone to avoid ever having cancer and it comes in the form of Vitamin B15 & B17 see link below for more.

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    My understanding is simple, we consume things that have been doctored in a way that makes us ill and attacks our immune system, just take a look at what is in your toothpaste and water, and you may see some answers.

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    They have had the cure for cancer since the 70's. It is now known as Rick Simpson Oil. My friend was cured using this method last year. The nurses literally couldn't believe their eyes as his tumour disappeared. I wrote about it on Cancer Research website and had the comment removed. I was advised they didn't allow alternative therapy posts, as people could find them offensive!! I know, I couldn't believe it either!!

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    Vegetable is not only a medical term, it is a cooking term. So the qualifications as a vegetable are not very coherent, which is why we have cases like the tomato: people argue both ways.

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    Organ harvesting. The zionist have stockpiles!

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    nicely, my brother must be form of seen a flake. yet, no, i do no longer think of all and sundry's been became into salt or something like that. nicely, perhaps - I one had an uncle who smelled like pickled fish.

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