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11-the average age a child is first exposed to porn?

Just read this and I am totally horrified.According to the report a third of kids get sex education from watching porn.

A lad of 15 states he only ever sleeps with girls who have had a full ''Hollywood wax''(thats it all off for those who dont know)

Is 11 not far to young to be exposed to pornography?


Zoe-Found it at a train station?LOLOLOL

Update 2:

TEEZ-Thats not random at all.It explains at lot.

As does Zoes answer(lol x)

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    LOL I was thirteen my brother nine....

    Dad came back from work with a VCR tape, in a plain brown box....he said he had found it at the train station (still not sure on that) and it got put away with the other videos...

    Later that week my brother and I bored, looked through the videos and found the brown boxed one, no label, so just put it in and pushed play..

    I shall always remember the first few mins lolol, it was high quality recording and was a 'home movie' NO NOT my parents, a random couple..after seeing by brothers confused expression I switched it off, but it left me curious for a while. My brother now 29, married with a wee one, still remembers the shock feeling he had from seeing it so young, but laughs now that it gave him a head start in life.....yeah he wishes lol xx

  • J123
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    1 decade ago

    Oh my gosh. Thats terrible!! I was at LEAST 16 before I even started THINKING about those kind of things...it is utterly shocking and a bit sickening how quickly the age of 'maturity' (note the quote marks!) is lowering... These poor kids who go round feeling they have to be sexually active, whist throwing away the ONE chance they get at childhood.. really saddening.

    I also don't think the government is doing much to prevent this, such as tightening back up TV censorship laws, or film certificates (Films that were 15 20 years ago are U now!) Also, this new 'free contraception to 11year olds' will just make them think 'oh its ok to have sex coz i can always take the pill' rather than alerting them to the ramifications of having sex, such as having a baby or getting an STI!!!

    In a way, i think that although contraception is a good thing, it has really encouraged underage sex, because before people would always have thought twice before having a baby - and children just did not want to become parents at an early age!!

    I just hope this country can come to it's senses and stop this weirdness.


  • 1 decade ago

    I never have watched porno and neither do l ever wish too because that's just me. I think their should be more restrictions for kids getting there hands on it, however it is up to the parents to do what they can.

    Watching any one going like jack rabbits on the tele makes me go red and l have to change the channel, l am very shy you know.

    It certainly is not educational let alone misleading to the values of lurvvv. However, at the tender age of 9 l found a porno mag at the bottom of my road and took it home for bed time reading. More curious then anything, considering that l was trying to work out how a person could have boobs as well as a hairy willie. Needless to say my mother was even more shocked to find it under my pillow. lol

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I remember when the Sun first brought out page 3, me and my mates were scrambling about to find 7p, but if you think about it children are exposed to porn all the time, from advertising and tabloid newspapers i didn't see my first porno until i was in my 20's and on the internet, if my dad had brought any mucky stuff into the house my ma would have sliced his balls off and feed them back to him through a straw. I remember buying the Sunday sport when i was about 16 thinking it was all about sport, what! wheres the sport?

    Parents need to keep that stuff away from their kids at all costs, most of the modern porn is about degrading women this is the conclusion i've come to after many many many viewings!

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  • Mr. X
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    1 decade ago

    That report didn't surprise me, I was 11 when I first started to watch porn, and in those days there was no internet as I'm 25 now. Its much easier for kids to watch porn, its bad but I did it when I was young and everyone does it.

  • 1 decade ago

    I was 14 & a porno flick was on in my friend's lounge room. I was sooo naive that I thought it was just a really boring movie with a slutty heroine. Yeah it took a few minutes for me to cotton on that it wasn't pretend. Yuck. The next time I saw one playing was when I was 15 & it was on in another friend's lounge room. It was terrible quality & the acting was sooo bad.

    Anyway the moral of the story is for parents to bear in mind what their children may be exposed to when they visit their friends houses!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I was probably 15..dont think i would of handled it well at 11.

    probably a good way to educate though

    random fact:russell brand was exposed to it at about 5years old!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i found my mam and dads porn at the age of 9!!!

    i didnt lose my virginity till i was 19.

    it freaked me out because i am a woman and i hadn't gone through pubert yet, so i didn't know about pubic hair yet and all the porn stars had no hair, so when my hair grew i thought it was not normal and wouldnt let any boy go near that area

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes but it is normal now i first saw it about then and I'm definitely noy scared and a balanced human I think ha but yes it is too young it is the wrong way to learn!

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