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What can increase my dps? World of Warcraft?

I have a hunter and i want to increse the dps on it. is there a stat i should level or something? its very low at the moment

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    I found that changing to beast mastery improves DPS dramatically but that was before WOTLK. I left WoW so it might have changed. Also, get as much agility as you can. If you're quite low level, you shouldn't see a massive increase in DPS untill you reach level 60 or so.

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    Check out the hunter forums at and/or

    You should be looking for items with agility and attack power on mainly. Check out some hunters you know that do good dps on the armory and see how their talent points compare to yours, it might be that your missing some key talnts which won't be helping your dps output.

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    There's loads you can do.

    Research, research, research are three! ;)

    Here's a link to Elitist Jerks' website forum (Hunter section). You'll find an overwhelming about of assistance there. Best of luck! :)

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    You should make sure agility is one of your primary stats, strength is good too :)

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