Is vitamin B5 good for acne?


i just wanted to know what type of vitamin is good for acne? I started having acne when i was 16 and now im 24, and i did take some antibiotics for 3 years , which is lymecycline and also i used benzoyl peroxide. It did work but after awhile then i stopped taking them, but the spots came back again. I decided not to take any antibotics, because it gave me side effects and the benzoyl peroxide made my skin go all dry and sensitive. I started taking vitamin C, zinc with copper, bromelain and barley grass. What i wanted to know, is vitamin B5 safe? and would it be ok for me to take it with all the vitamins i have mentioned above?

Im also drinking water mixed with praventin and aloe vera.


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    Vitamins will not help acne. If you have tried Lemecycline and Benzoyl Peroxide then consider trying another tetracycline antibiotic called Minocycline, this tends to be more effective. If this fails then maybe ask your GP for the contraceptive Pill Yasmin. If this fails too then then you may be a candidate for Roaccutane.

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    Hey mate, I feel your pain.

    Accutane works by reducing oil by reducing the mass of the glands, while B5 works by reducing the oil in them, and does it significantly.

    This is what you want at a good price. You need A LOT of capsules, and must be 500mg each. Then, what you need to do, is take 5 a day for 2 days, then 10 a day for 5 days, and thereafter, take 20 a day. It may seem absolutely odd but it helps in digestion of some fats, and you seriously won't believe how much it helps. You use Bensoyl (my keyboard broken so spelling with S) 2.5% while using B5, and then when your acne is clear you can pretty much stop.

    I recommend:

    Vitamin A

    Vitamin B

    Vitamin C

    Vitamin E

    Sinc (again with S instead of the last letter of alphabet)

    And Vitamin B5

    Take a reasonable amount of all of them except B5, with B5, go absolutely cray, it is water-soluble so you can't overdose, same goes for vitC.

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    Neither vitamin C, zinc with copper, bromelain, barley grass nor vitamin B5 have the slightest effect on acne. Try having another chat with your GP.

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