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Art GCSE - Artist studies. Looking for an artist that studies age?

For my subject ive chosen "Changes" - ive decided to do how people change with age but...

I've fully searched the internet for any artists that study age... :\

Can't seem to find anyone

Does anyone know of any artist that studies how people change in either:

a persons physical appearance through age.

how their view on the world change.

or their imagination/maturity

Thanks :)


Photographers, Sculpters, Painters... any type of materials really :)

Update 2:

Thanks :)

Yeah its probably better to look at just series of their works.

If anyone knows of series based on age. or any decent photographers please do tell

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    Hmmm. "...artists that study age."

    I'm betting you're not going to find any artist who's spent their whole career on this -- it's just too narrow a discipline!

    So why don't you look for artists whose work you enjoy and understand, and find out if they ever did a work or a series about "age" or "aging?" -- Or maybe someone who found the topic fascinating for a goodly period in their lives.


    Source(s): It could be fun to examine works and series' of works from artists of long ago. For pre-1850 art, check out the thousands of works on the Web Gallery of Art: You can search through by a lot of different methods -- artist by name, period, region, etc.
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