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My eyes are turning yellow! help me ?

when i was born, my mum told me i had yellow jaundice or something like that. i was born with yellow Skin eyes, etc ( i know sounds gross) but within a week i was fine.

recently, ive been noticing that the white parts of my eyes are turning yellow. the neony colour. i used to think of it as a trick of the light so didn't do much about it. i went to see me bf the other day and he asks me why my eyes were yellow. i didn't say anything and a month or two back, my mom asked me if i was feeling okay because my skin looked yellowy to her.

its really freaking me out. whats happening to me. im 17, i told my mom and she doesn't seem to care. i know i should go doctors get t tested but doesn't anyone here know whats going on.

doesn't it seem like a familiar disease or something. if yes, can you explain symtoms and tell me how bad it can be please.

wanna have details beforehand.

thank you

all answers welcome =] x


I dont mind if you worry me. i just want to know all the possibilties and know what to expect x

Update 2:

i havent been to the doctors yet. i just wanna know what to expect before going there and gettting a big shock if its something bad. i will go though.

im normally light skinned, hint of brown but not dark so its really easy to tell if my skins getting a hint of yellow in it. x

Update 3:

my eating had been normal. i get alot of stitches, and my urine is really really really warm and yellowy (more than usual.) i dont drink, never have never will

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    The yellow colour is due to hepatitis (not necessarily the infectious type - it just shows your liver is under stress). You may have had an attack of glandular fever and not realised it.

    Source(s): Son had a similar problem in his teens and he was also jaundiced soon after birth.
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    Jaundice is a condition caused when thee is too much billirubin in the body. Our cells are constantly dying and our body makes new ones. When a red blood cell (rbc) dies, it produces billirubin. Billirubin is taken to the liver (at this point it's called unconjugated or indirect billirubin). The liver changes it into a form that can be excreted (conjugated or direct billirubin). Many babies are born with jaundice because their livers and kidneys aren't mature enough to get rid of it yet and they have excess rbc death after delivery.

    There are a couple pf reasons why kids/teenagers/adults get jaundice. They are either having increased rbc destruction (like is seen with hemolytic anemia), they are having liver problems (liver isn't changing the billirubin to the form it can be excreted in) or there's a problem in the liver in which it can't excrete the billirubin. The doc can do a simple blood test to determine which of these is most probable, and then provide treatment accordingly... but if you are experiencing jaundice, it's very important that you go and get tested. It may be nothing, but it could be something more serious like hepatitis. If anything was unclear please send me an email and I'll try to explain better.

    Source(s): nursing student
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    High red blood count as baby is common - flushing system works well to eradicate the poisons within the body tissues.

    Many questions as to your usual habits and previous actions need to be examined, as well as, how you feel now and most recently - any recurring symptoms....

    Do you drink any alcohol? How often.. Have you ever shot-up or have a tattoos? Do you have pail urine or strong cloudy? Have you any pain now or recently on right side of abdomen? Are your stools colorless or runny or frequent? Do you have difficulty in swallowing? Any cramping of lower extremities? Do you bruise easily? Have you gain weight in the abdominal region - retaining fluids?

    If this is a case of sudden poisoning of the system, I would think that: 1) plenty of water would help to flush 2) some other symptom will appear...

    If you consume regular, large amounts of alcohol - you may be able to help yourself from long term - fatal consequences in stopping immediately and flushing your system.

    Some beneficial herbs like milk thistle and NAC can help to bring positive amino acids / protein exchange in the liver..

    The bile ducts can become obstructed backing waste. Sclerosis of the liver - which take a long time, can cause jaundice appearance. Hep C virus can cause symptoms as deterioration of liver occurs. Gallstone or Kidney stones can obstruct pathways - but usually very painful.

    Basically, it is a sign that bile is not clearing the blood stream or is entering it.

    Check with doctor for some blood and urine tests and watch for symptoms....

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    This sounds like you could be developing jaundice and you should see your doctor for a simple blood tests. Lots of things can cause it such as infections like hepatitis, drugs (prescription and other), stones in your bile duct and some people are born with a tendancy towards jaundice. You may notice your poo and urine changing colour too? If so let your doc know this too. At your age it's unlikely to be anything too bad, but this is not something to ignore - go see your doctor please!! HTH

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    My cousin had the same issue. Her eyes were yellow. She had to get surgery though. If your eyes and/or skin is more yellow than it should be, then go to a doctor ASAP because you may need surgery to stop whatever is causing it.

    Source(s): family experience
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    mine too turned yellow at aroud that age, odd.

    i am black but haven't noticed it in friends or family.

    i used to have white eyes and whiter teeth.

    i had a friend who was yellowy in complexion, i asked her if she had a little chinese in her, she just laughed.

    she was caucasian a white girl but a lot of white people are not actually white, some are yellowy or pinky or peachy, some are creamy or milky white though.

    the yellow thing, i dont like, i have seen it in older people, but i never asked my doctor either.

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    Look up Gilberts Syndrome

    could be jaundice

    liver problems (blocked bile duct)


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    It could be Jaundice again. It can be an effect of a liver disorder which can be very serious.

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    Its something to do with your liver, If your worried there are tests available, just see your doctor.

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    A blood test should confirm what I think it might be- I dont wanna worry you and it could be liver or kidney trouble. Just please get it checked asap

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