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Seniors how many Canadian soldiers have died in Afghanistan?

I am wondering if the American seniors are smarter than Greg Gutfeld?

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Harper who most Cdns believe is a real idiot said some things about Obamam and thousands of individual Cdns emailed your President to apologize for our PM. This is a slap in the face to the families of the soldiers who have died. No one would EVER do a "spoof" about Americans soldiers like this. No one. And that includes Canadians who have emailed Canadian AND Amercian soldiers in the Middle East to show support for them, even if the majority of us don't feel Cdns should be over there. Our Govt thot it was the right thing to do, support the USA. Apparently Fox REALLY appreciates us for doing that.

Update 2:

oops typo on Obama sorry about that.

Update 3:

How many British soldiers have died in Afghanistan and Iraq? Over 300. To believe the US troops are the only soldiers fighting this war is disrespectful and just wrong. Fox is a disgrace to the American people. Those who appreciate the British and Canadian soldiers, knowing one of yours might survive because one of ours had your back.

Update 4:

Canada does not have a huge war budget, it has put as much as it could afford to into our presence in the Middle East. Look how the huge deficits created by this war did in the US economy.

Update 5:

None of our TV stations or news stations has EVER disrespected the American troops.

Update 6:

Canadians pay approx 57% income tax on an average. We are one of the highest taxed countries in the world.

Update 7:

Canada's population is just over 30 million with an area close to 10 Million km2. The UK has twice as many people as Canada has.

A lot of country to maintain and not a very large population compared to the over 200 million the USA has.

No one is bashing the USA, just saying dont bash us.

Update 8:


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  • 1 decade ago
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    116 have died ! I never listen to Fox. . they give commentary, not news !!! I hate the channel ! This episode shows why. . . Bush decided to jump into this war and gave us false information (harboring nuclear weapons) I think his daddy told him to go back over and finish what he had started years before ! IMO. . . The majority of the US is thankful for all the help it can get !!! We are all tired of this war and want all our boys to come home safe ! Hopefully Obama will be able to get us all out of it. . I am ashamed of the people who watch this crap and actually believe it !!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    A total of 116 members of the Canadian Forces have died in Afghanistan or in support of the Afghan operation between February 2002 and March 20, 2009. Of these, 97 were due to hostile circumstances, including 64 due to improvised explosive devices (IED) or landmines, 22 due to rocket-propelled grenade, small arms or mortar fire, and 11 due to suicide bomb attacks. An additional 19 soldiers have died in accidents or other non-combat circumstances; 6 due to "friendly fire", 6 in vehicle accidents, 2 from accidental falls, 2 from accidental gunshots, 1 suicide death and 2 unspecified non-combat-related deaths including 1 at a support base in the Persian Gulf.

    Thanks to these brave and caring men and women our countries remain free of terrorist attacks as we have seen abroad. I pray for the families and thank them for understanding the choice of there loved ones to combat those whom create fear and take the freedom of those that want freedom.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hi isotope ,Cant answer on Canadian troops but do know about Brit troops .

    My son was Anglian Regiment served in both Iraq & Afghanistan .

    1 brigade has just returned from Afghan suffered fatalities there ,

    I myself was a regular in RN Fleet Air Arm ,

    So wish to show my disapproval of REDCORES Derogatory comments on any other forces than USAs with some figure of Nos Serving and %death rates .

    Brit forces serving in both theatres 53 000 , death rate 305 until now .aprox 0.6%

    USA forces serving in both theatres 136 000, death rate 5369 until now aprox 3.5% .

    He doesn't improve his image by these stupid attacks on other countries , we are smaller with smaller populations and do what we can when we can .

    We do not show abuse or make derogatory comments about US troops

    Have you ever Dragged the body of dead pilot from his cockpit idoubt it or seen men burnt to death in munitions fire no i doubt it .

    I would point out The USA never offered UK any assistance with our Falkland war , at least they could have have loaned us an AWAC so we could keep the skyhawks at bay ..

    Marin Aka AGED SAILOR

    Source(s): ovt figures on wickapedia USA has 1,404 ,000, under arms . A pop of 200 million UK has 425 .000 a pop of 60 million
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I watched it on You Tube, it was pretty bad. Canadians know the truth, and those who don't are the ones who lose credibility. It's a shame but remember these moronic jackasses don't speak for all Americans, and aren't representative of all Americans.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    As of today, 116.

    That's such a huge waste.

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