Marketing angle for nightclub?

I work PR for a bar/nightclub in Long Island. We currently meet with tanning salons and other bar owners in the area to increase our customer base and our overall revenue. I've been brainstorming and I'm having trouble coming up with new ideas for marketing and FREE advertising. I need as many suggestions as possible, CAN ANYONE OUT THERE HELP ME??? I would appreciate all of your ideas and comments/suggestions. Thanks so Much

- Kelly.

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    you (I would think) if you were going out to get more customers figure out that a lot of the singles are meeting in the gym and not in the bars so start networking with the gym managers and chain offices. Also try to utilize market segment interests fo different night subject matter by both what music and dancing changes to foods on the menu to coincide with the music being played. You need to early in the evenings have dance and aerobic classes and enrollment members can stay free. Themed costume parties once a month like pirates, or the fifties, clowns and hobo's costume night. pimps and ho's Cowboys and cowgirl nights, no shirt required surfer and dudette night. or themed rock band nights like Rolling Stones night Led Zep Night, once a month like the fourth friday every month and all month advertise what's coming up. You do have a marquee don't you? Best dressed give aways include a weekend in Atlantic City or Washington DC. And don't forget to make a three fold brochure to put in every hotel and motel lobby for tourists to find your bill of faire...

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    I own an indoor advertising company in Naples and one suggestion is to allow a local indoor advertising company to use some wall space in your bathroom to post ads. In return they will promote your club for free in restaurants, gyms, and other locations that you don't compete with.

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