what is the difference between a pillow and a cushion?

why do they have different names when they roughly do the same thing?

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    1 decade ago
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    Pillows are usually rectangular in shape and used on beds,, cushions are usually Square and used on chairs

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    Pillow Cushion

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    cushion (koosh'en) n. [<ML. coxinum] 1. a pillow or pad 2. a thing that is in the shape or use 3. anything that absorbs shock - vt to provide with a cushion

    pillow (pil'o) n. [OE. pyle] a cloth case filled with feathers, etc. used esp. to support the head in sleeping - vt. to rest as on a pillow

    The answer lies in how you expect a form to function. If you are going to sit or lean on the form and it is expected to act as the primary cushion, then you need a cushion. If the form is not the primary seat or back and is not expected to hold up your body's weight, then a simple pillow will work.

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    Historically speaking a pillow was, and always has been, for the face, while a cushion is for the lumbar region

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    1 decade ago

    you sleep on a pillow, but you sit with a cushion at ur back, and pillows are bigger than cushions, pillows are rectangular, cushions are usually squarer.

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    1 decade ago

    a pillow is allways quite long in shape, and solf

    a cushion is for in the day time, for resting your back on for coumfort

  • 1 decade ago

    A pillow is for while you sleep.

    A cushion is for while you're awake.

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