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Advice on water pressure and shower replacement Please Help!!!!!?

Hi all

my shower broke the other day and im looking to replace it, though i want to replace it for a new wizz bang flash shower with a rain head. problem is that i read the rain shower head requires so much pressure to operate and the pressure i get out of my taps is naff

anyways my understanding is that there is a pump that feeds the water to the taps and shower assuming i upgrade my pump will my shower pressure increase.

will i have one pump for the whole house or a separate pump for each bathroom, or even each shower. [i have a 3 bedroom house with a main bathroom, en suit and downstairs toilet if that helps at all]

how can i check my current pressure and what BAR pressure would i require for a nice powerful flow of water out my taps and shower.

finally if its a case of a pump upgrade, is it a job i can do myself do i need a plumber to fit it?

many thanks


hi thanks for the reply not quite sure what you mean by city water, but i dont live in a city if thats it.

the water pressure coming for all taps in the house i think is naff, the house was brought from new 7-8 years back the water pressure has always been the same.

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    1 decade ago
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    If you are on city water(you did not say), normally there is enough pressure. You may be suffering from a reduced amount of flow(not a lack of pressure) Standard plumbing is 1/2" pipe. If you have smaller than 1/2, then your set up is not made for that shower head. How are the taps in the rest of the house? Adequate flow? Then the bathroom you are wanting the shower head in - they cheaped out on the plumbing, using smaller pipe than standard.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Stuart Turner make excellent pumps and they have some guidance literature. You can't pump if you have a combi boiler BTW.

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